Cliff Bleszinski Responds To Being Told To Shut The F*** Up, Sundry Other Items

Das Gamer has posted two video interview segments featuring Cliff Blezinski. In the second segement he talks about how game developers and publishers have to sell gamers their product more than once to survive, playing scene it and being asked by bloggers to shut the f*** up. The first video segment covers what he has left to work on before Gears 2 ships and a few of his favorite parts of the game.

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darkshiz4320d ago

Didn't read or listen to it but from the title alone...

*waggles finger* Bad Cliffy bad bad boy!

morganfell4320d ago

Whether you like him or not you have to realize one thing. When a developer gets into a predicament like this they have to be very careful. They can easily say or do the wrong thing and their public image will nosedive. You don't easily recover when that happens as you become a parody.

Since he doesn't have Dave Jaffe's flair for handling haters he would have been better off not addressing this issue and instead discussing something else.

bpac1234567894319d ago

to me cliffy B seems to care even more about getting attention than he does about promoting his game. he seems to want to give an opinion on everything. just because he made gears doesn't mean he can't shut the f*** up every once in a while.

godofthunder104319d ago

I'm laughing my a** off at what some people are posting.People are agreeing that he should shut his mouth up but i bet that the majority of the people that's agreeing are ps3 fanboys,not fans because they act their age and want lie or disagree about something if it's against the console that they have.
The guy who created mgs4(ps3 fans thinks he's a god)had to respond to anything about video games.He had to talk about the wii,360 and all the exclusive games on them.He claimed that they can't compare to his mgs4,and he was dead wrong.It's a really good game but i've played better games and the graphics are not that much better then some games on the 360.
If it was him that was saying the same thing the ps3 fanboys would be saying that he's right because ps3 fanboys think that he's a god and he is just a arogant game developer that thinks he is the greatest one that they ever had.He just had one big hit and that was with mgs.The truth is that they have a lot more developers that's a lot better then he is.They have at least two developers that worked for nintendo that made most of their hits for them and most of your biggest selleing games in history are on the nintendo brand.They had a lot of hits but i've never heard one of them bragging about their selfs and how their games are the greatest that was ever made,he** cliffy b didn't either.The only one that i know of that claimed he created the greatest game in history is the one that made mgs4 because he is arogant and that a fact.some one that claim that his on work is the greatest is arogant and he claimed his was.

Skizelli4319d ago

Maybe you guys should actually watch the video. It's the journalist whom asks CB the question and he gives a mature answer. I don't know why people get so hostile. He's just trying to make a living and is very passionate about his games. And it shows. Why hate him for that?

That whole blog post where this originated is garbage. You can't really tell people to shut up when you spew garbage yourself.

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Evil Rant Monkey4320d ago

<ahhh...i thought it was a video of somebody bad mouthing him to his face... maybe next time!)

juuken4320d ago

Lol, that would be a laugh riot.
Oh well, better luck next time.

Boldy4320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

Well, he was a good sport about it. Is it just me or did his voice seem a little higher pitched then usual?

Arsenic134320d ago

Hes been talking to much?

midgetsanx4320d ago

He said "Bigger, Better and more Badass" too many times I guess. xD

I'm just joking Cliffy. Keep making the games.

s8274320d ago

He was definitely pretty even keeled about it. He seemed kind of pleased actually.

JasonXE4320d ago

You didn't notice how loud the music was playing in the background. He was talking a bit fast though.

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divideby04320d ago

Peter M, Cliff B and Jay A....all wannabe rockstars...most come across so unkewl, when they try to be kewl, its skin crawling lame....just see any interview with Ted Price from Insomnaic games. He clearly gets his point across and he puts this bozos to shame..

Figboy4320d ago

comes off as an extremely honest, confident, all around nice guy.

he KNOWS for a fact that his teams are some of the best developers in the industry, and as much as i'm sure he WANTS to say "Insomniac F*CKING ROCKS, B*TCHES!!" he maintains his composure, and gets to the damn point. he never talks down about the competition either, while not demeaning his own work too much.

i loved that one interview with hiphopgamer, where, when asked about Resistance 2 vs Gears 2, he says, "well, i have to say that if you own a PS3 and an Xbox 360, you are going to have a GREAT holiday season."

keep speaking the truth, Ted.

donator4320d ago

That's why Insomniac was named one of the best places to work.

sajj3164320d ago

Ted Price for President!

LeonSKennedy4Life4320d ago

Ted Price is amazing.

If I ever get into the gaming industry, I want to work with Insomniac.

IQUITN4G4320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

Just to confirm, you're not talking about Peter Molyneux i hope - decent bloke

thenickel4320d ago

The funny thing is that if there were more people with Teds attitude on both sides of the fence (MS and Sony)then there probably wouldn't even be a stupid console war.

Figboy4320d ago

Peter Molyneux as a person. to me, he comes off as quite a nice guy. i think he's funny, with moderate charm, but that could just be his accent. those damn Brits always sound so affable! lol.


his problem, is that he gets so excited by his own projects, that he's prone to hyperbole (see: Fable, Fable 2). i happen to ENJOY his games immensely (like Black and White, and the aforementioned Fable), but he just needs to rein it in a bit. stop telling people that your game is going to "redefine" anything, and just tell us why the damn game is FUN (Fable had it's issues, and i was disappointed with the features they cut out of it at the last minute, but the game itself is quite enjoyable and charming. i think i play that on my 360 more than my actual 360 games. lol).

Highwayman4320d ago

There's nothing wrong with Peter M. He has after all brought forht a lot of innovation with his games.

You have to respect the man he does what he loves to do and he's passionate about it.

EastCoastSB4319d ago

I wanna have Ted Prices' kids. No joke.

He's seems like he would make a great father, right?

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IzKyD13314320d ago

its true, how many other devs do you see touting their games as much as cliff?