The 10 Most Fun Boss Battles

A lot of games throw in boss fights as a sort of afterthought. They're not creative or particularly enjoyable, but they SHOULD be. Some games get it right and create boss battles that are as memorable as they are fun. presents a list of 10 that they found to be extremely good, accompanied by videos for each.

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La Chance4867d ago

fighting against psycho mantis in MGS1 , back in the day I was blown away.MGS games have the best and most original bosses.

off topic : geez , I just cant wait for RE5 ,RE4 ws so awsome and RE5 is looking even better.

SolidLiquidSnake4866d ago

Wow man, I'm tottally agree whith you! although I'm a suspicious one because I'm a fanatic of MGS, i think you're right, MGS bosses are the best and original! Look at The End battle, or the battle whith the Metal Gears in MGS2, the funny battle whith revolver ocelot in MGS3, etc, etc and yeah the battle whith psycho mantis is Really amazing and memorable!

i_like_ff74867d ago

No shadow of the colassus? >:O

Munky_Mafoo4867d ago

All 16 from Shadow of the Colossus :p

MisfitSmurf4867d ago

was thinking the same thing :D

RKRigney4867d ago

I guess the author hasn't played that one. If I had written it I'd DEFINITELY include the bird fight from Colossus. Flying at that insane speed while you cling on for dear life made that one of the most epic boss fights I've ever played.

OgTheClever4867d ago

I would say the flying duck creature fight because it really is fun chasing him down and jumping from Agro onto the wing. It is also one of the few events in gaming that truly justifies the use of the word "EPIC".

SolidLiquidSnake4866d ago

WOW YOU'RE RIGHT MAN! he COMPLETLY forgot that one, WHAT A MISS! the lack of SoC colossus in this list is really inexcusable! I said previously that MGS bosses are the best ones, and I maintain that but SoC colossi are really one of the most amazing bosses I ever defeated...completly EPIC! I LOVE SoC!

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IzKyD13314867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

anyone else feel that The End or Psycho Mantis should be there instead of Gray Fox?
i mean dont get me wrong, the gray fox battle was amazing, but the psycho mantis and end battles were epic

oh and the i agree, fighting the elite four is super fun

OgTheClever4867d ago

I would probably say either Psycho or Screaming Mantis, but not The End because fighting him is too tense to be 'fun'. (it's still a brilliant fight though)

SolidLiquidSnake4866d ago

Agree whith you: The End and Psycho mantis are way better to be on that list!

gamerosity4867d ago

Sephiroth, Final Fantasy VII. Do I need to explain? (The song playing during that fight still floats around in my head.)

thor4867d ago

Yeah I know, I downloaded the orchestrated version :)

Can probably find it if you google around.

RKRigney4867d ago

The title of the article is 10 of the most "FUN" boss fights. And the fight against sephiroth was a whole lot like every other fight in the game.

beavis4play4867d ago

and also psycho mantis in MGS1
and "the end" in MGS4...anyone ever shoot his parrot? i did (by mistake...i was aiming for him) and boy did he freak out!

XxRoosterxX4867d ago

MGS 3 u mean.

Anyway I do agree with you on the end being very epic.

It took me an hour and a half to beat him the first time, but that was the most fun and intense hour and half of gamming I have every experienced.

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