Evans: Lack of Focus and 'Constraints' Hurts Games

Speaking at Brighton's Develop Conference, LittleBigPlanet creator Alex Evans said that the key to being successful in creating good games is setting "arbitrary constraints," and focusing on creating content within the constraints you set.

Evans explains: "When I look back at the games I've made I find that if I don't have a clear set of constraints, building the glue before you know what the two things you're putting together can be a huge problem. If you don't know what's necessary for the user we waste so much time creating things that we don't need and have a fuzzy purpose."

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psnCAShville_6153821d ago

and expect the game to be perfect. the xbox is last gen, thas why microsoft has screwed the industry!

ILikeButter3821d ago

Xbox is last gen. The 360 is this gen.
But, Microsoft has done ALOT for the gaming industry.

PwnShop3821d ago

I thought people would rather talk about how great LBP will, then dissing microsoft. This has nothing to do with microsoft, don't bring it up. Open Zone is to the right. but LBP will be sweet.

yanikins1113820d ago

original comment reported as off topic, but ilikebutter, the 360 is kinda closer to lastgen.5 imo. and all ms has really done this gen is make shoddy hardware acceptable. Good games and what not but come on. You stick an anaemic baby in a blender with 40 razor blades and hit puree, the kid has a better chance than a 360 lasting 3 years. ;)