Raytraced games in 2 to 3 years, says Intel

In an interview with PCGH, Intel's Michael Vollmer revealed some interesting insights in current Raytracing developments.

PCGH extracted the excerpt from the original interview that dealt with Larrabee, Nehalem and Raytracing and translated it.

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PumPum4325d ago

this can only mean Intel is making a chip thats designed for raytracing.

darkshiz4325d ago

If that's true if your looking for a good CPU now buy something that's not $500-1000 because in 3 years you'll regret it.

Lumbo4325d ago

The same Intel that told us last month that raytracing will need another 4-5 years to be able to get results at the same performance Rasterization has today?

Welcome to PR wonderland.

Charmers4325d ago

Larrabee has the potential to blow everything that exists out of the water. I am hoping it will be as good as Intel are hyping it I am sick of funding the consoles next GPU. So if Intel can get a card out that beats the hell out of Nvidia and ATI then they will get my money, ray tracing or no ray tracing.

moses4325d ago

It's based off of the old pentium 4 chip, I believe, so I don't expect a high performing gpu to come out of a cpu manufacturer.

trydis4325d ago

so i guess this means that the ps3 isn't futureproof...

rockleex4325d ago

Because Radiosity still beats Raytracing.

Radiosity is already possible on the PS3. Guerilla Games will try to implement it in their next game.