Ghostbusters game delayed to 2009, but who's publishing it?

Ben Fritz writes:

By now everybody knows that Activision Blizzard didn't include "Ghostbusters," which was scheduled to come out this fall, on the list of Vivendi games it is planning to publish post-merger.

But beyond a vague statement from a PR rep that the game is "not canceled," there's been no indication yet of what will happen to the "Ghostbusters" game. Since it's so close to completion, surely it won't just be thrown to oblivion and never published, right?

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BiggDaddy3115742d ago (Edited 5742d ago )

Just what we need another delayed game. With a crowded Fall schedule It may be best to delay it anyhow.

And please don't let me hear somebody say Sony should publish it and make it exclusive. I love Sony but it wouldn't make any sence with all the development money spent to make it Multi-Plat

Arsenic135742d ago (Edited 5742d ago )

No doubt the trolls will disagree with you.People who want exclusives are greedy. Just like that kid who wanted to kill himself cause FF13 became multiplat.

EDIT: Told you ^^

ry-guy5742d ago

Some of us will disagree because we've been waiting for anything Ghostbusters related since the early 90s.

(Extreme Ghostbusters doesn't count.)

IzKyD13315742d ago

sony has repeatedly stated it doesnt like to buy out third party games

BiggDaddy3115742d ago

I was looking forward to this game as well but when you look at the release schedule if your the publisher your going up against, LBP, Gears 2, Resistance 2, Fallout 3, Farcry 2, Banjo, Star Wars Unleashed, Dead Space, Mortal Vs Dc, MotorStorm 2 Fable 2, Too Human Bioshock, Prince of Persia, the list is almost endless. That is a hellava lot of competition for GB. I am sorry if GB was #1 on your list but look at that list I just posted and tell me Ghostbusters Trumps all of that?
If you are like me GB was somewhere on the list now your holiday budget for game went from 1000 bucks down to $950.

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Deviant5742d ago

hope they use the time for polishing it perfectly.
at least its not a ps3 exclusive so u want hear any fanboy shi*.

Wildarmsjecht5742d ago

Same could be said about 360 fans. Fanboys in general, no matter who should stay away from this.

BiggDaddy3115742d ago

Well a good fanboy dream would be for Sony to buy the studio that is making the game forgive me the name escapes me, Publish it for multiplat and make money from game sales and also gather up another 1st party studio.
How many studios does sony have?

Naughty Dog
Insomniac -- Independent but Sony exclusive
Factor 5
Ninja Theory
ICO-- same as Insomniac right?
Santa Monica
Media Molocule
Someone help me out here.

Deviant5742d ago

could be wrong but isn't
Naughty Dog =independent/2nd party .....
ICO =1st party?
not sure about Ninja theory either cause their next project is multi

Gambit075742d ago

Clap Hanz – Everybody's Golf series
Polyphony Digital – Gran Turismo series
SCE Japan Studio (Project Siren Team, etc.) – Ape Escape series, LocoRoco
Team ICO – ICO, Shadow of the Colossus
Incognito Entertainment – Twisted Metal series, Warhawk
Naughty Dog – Jak & Daxter series, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
SCE Bend Studio (formerly Eidetic) – Syphon Filter series
SCE Foster City Studio – Jet Li: Rise to Honor
SCE San Diego Studio – NBA series, MLB: The Show series
SCE Santa Monica Studio – God of War series
Sony Online Entertainment LLC. – EverQuest, Star Wars Galaxies
Zipper Interactive – SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs series, Massive Action Game
Bigbig Studios – Pursuit Force
Evolution Studios – World Rally Championship series, MotorStorm
Guerrilla Games – Killzone series
SCE London Studio (includes Team SOHO & Camden) – The Getaway series, SingStar series
SCE Studio Cambridge (formerly Millennium Interactive) – MediEvil series
SCE Studio Liverpool (formerly Psygnosis) – Wipeout series, F1 series
SCE Korea – EyeToy: EduKids, GloRace: Phantastic Carnival

BiggDaddy3115742d ago (Edited 5742d ago )

Damn with all those studios, Sony really does have a bunch of stuff they haven't shown yet!

@ Deviant
No Naughty was bought by Sony, Insomniac stayed independent, and Ready at dawn broke off from Insomniac to make PSP games (God of War). You may be right about Ninja Theory. Who are the ones that Made Heavenly Sword? it was Ninja Something I thought?

There is obviously some Japan studios that I am not thinking of. In fact I think Siren Was done by Sony 'Japan'.

Deviant5742d ago

yep Ninja theory developed HS ....

Figboy5742d ago

on top of those 19 first party, they have an additional 10-11 second party studios working on PS3 exclusives also:

1)Insomniac: working on Resistance 2 and Ratchet: QFB (their North Carolina studio just opened, so i don't expect hearing from them until next year or later)

2)Slant Six: working on SOCOM: Confrontation

3)Ready At Dawn (known for Daxter/God of War: Chains of Olympus): currently researching PS3 for upcoming titles

4)Sucker Punch: working on inFamous

5)Game Republic: known for Folklore, Toy Home, Dark Mist. currently working on a few unannounced PS3 titles.

6) Media Molecule: working on Little Big Planet, Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic.

7) Cellius: working on unannounced PS3 titles

8) NC Soft: working on unannounced PS3 titles

9) Quantic Dream: working on Heavy Rain

10) thatgamecompany: working on flower

11) Queasy Games: everyday shooter. no doubt working on another PSN title.

so, yeah, they do have a LOT of titles we haven't seen yet. and i know the above isn't a full list of all the second parties workign on stuff for them.

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Max Power5742d ago

as long as it comes out i don't care when.

niall775742d ago

They have been less evil as of late.

But Sony wont, maybe they should have kepth it from the start but the game has to be multiplat now since all the time and work has gone into the 360/wii ports

sajj3165742d ago

you know what ... I agree with you! Any publisher would do now ... just get this game out!

Ali_The_Brit5742d ago

ah well that sucks, it was looking so good.

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