Netflix and LG: Advantage PS3 or Xbox 360?

Is Sony's unified, all departments talking to all departments, system brought in by Sir Howard Stringer backfiring? Or is the new LG Blu-ray player, the BD300 actually going to help Sony remove an Xbox 360 advantage? Let's see...

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sajj3164328d ago

Interesting ...

"According to LG, the BD300 Network Blu-ray Player will be available in the Autumn (Stateside) and will, "play high definition Blu-ray discs, up-convert standard DVDs to 1080p and allow Netflix subscribers to instantly stream more than 12,000 choices of movies and TV episodes from Netflix to the TV for no additional charge."

So a Blu-ray player that can stream Netflix movies. No wonder Microsoft cut a deal with Netflix to have it come to home consoles. They probably knew that the next logical step for Netflix is to bring it to another Blu-ray enabled device (PS3). The Netflix deal (stateside) is a big nice to have for Netflix users like myself.

shazam4328d ago

add netflix to the ps3 with firmware update. ps3 is still the most future proof blu ray player on the market..

red_ring_of_death4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

WoW PS3 rules by far

Silellak4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

You do realize this has almost nothing to do with the PS3, right?

Sadly, you probably don't...

Evil Rant Monkey4328d ago

<Did you even read the article?)

Vicophine4328d ago

Pwnage right there, I want one of those babies :D

Hot_tea4328d ago

The quality of streaming home content and even download movie content is really not good at all.
I really don't see movie downloads as much of a factor (yet) since most people are switching to High Def TV sets now anyway.
And same goes for PSN movie download service too. The few HD options are super compressed and not even 1080, no 7.1 sound.
I for one as a Bravia owner will continue to use my regular Netlix via MAIL and get hard copy DVD's (that I up convert on my PS3) and Blu-Ray Discs that look and sound amazing.

I understand that downloads is the future, but we are waaaaaay off from the quality needed for home theater and even a decent quality.
We just don't have the bandwidth, and it seems studios are still too scared (of piracy) to allow full uncompressed 1080p downloads of their products.

kewlkat0074328d ago

...everything will come into place eventually.

Dark vader4328d ago

DD is not coming for a very long time. just like flying cars and teleporting device.

wAtdaFck4328d ago

I think the only question is how long do we have to wait?

In the mean time, the physical medium it is.

Silellak4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

Downloadable HD content is compressed, and thus lesser quality, that's true. It is still VERY pretty on a 1080p set, regardless.

Blu-ray needs to drop in price, and fast. $400 for a player is one thing, but why is a newly released Blu-ray movie $30 while the DVD for the same movie is $15? I thought there was maybe a $5 price difference at most, but I saw for myself at Best Buy when I went to grab Soul Calibur IV on Tuesday.

I am not paying nearly twice as much for a movie just so it's prettier and the disc is scratch resistent. I understand the player technology is still relatively new, but there's no reason for Blu-ray discs to cost that much more than DVDs.

sajj3164328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )


Remember that its about options. I agree that streamed movies aren't for AV buffs like me but its still an option. This is why the 360 deal is good for Microsoft and Netflix. I wish I had this option for my PS3 but Microsoft scooped it up.

I prefer to watch DVD upconverted on my HDTV w/ the PS3 as well but having 10,000 movies available anytime for streaming is a GREAT option!

EDIT -> Silellak, I just ordered 6 Blu-ray movies from Amazon for less than $100.00. Best Buy is a rip off at this point!

Evil Rant Monkey4328d ago

<You mean you haven't heard of the teleporting device yet!?)

<Man, I thought I was out of the loop!)

dcbronco4328d ago

But a year or so ago they realized that the future was in instant viewing. Since they have only been doing instant movies for a short time and have now partnered with one of the better companies at compressing and streaming video, they might have a much better streaming service that they plan to use when they really start pushing the instant movies this fall. I wouldn't worry so much about the quality. It will be there.

BlackTar4327d ago

Great Avatar I hate Dallas. Sorry i read it but no comment just had to point out dallas sucks and Green Bay Rules

Wile4324d ago

Quality of DL movies is good enough for the general consumer. Most don't see the difference between upscaled DVD and Blu-ray nor do they care. So I wouldn't count out the Netflix deal just yet.

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TheColbertinator4328d ago

Good.The format wars continue.

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