Why the Xbox One is losing to the PS4, according to the guy who made Xbox matter

What happened with the Xbox One?

The console's on surer footing now, no doubt, but between its announcement in May 2013, its launch in November 2013, and the six months following said launch, it was dogged by bad press and angry consumers.

Here are some highlights of that terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year for Microsoft's Xbox division.

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FallenAngel19842128d ago (Edited 2128d ago )

PlayStation consoles will always sell more than Xbox console because its a bigger, more diverse brand that performs incredibly well in every major region.

Nuff said.

Concertoine2128d ago (Edited 2128d ago )

MS left last gen with almost 50% of the marketshare sony once had with the ps2. No one is king forever.

Ultimately the PS3 overtook the 360, but MS was making massive strides, they were in a position to win over even more customers with the downfall of Nintendo, but they screwed it up and are only recently back on track.

This gen Sony made all the right moves while MS didn't, that is definitely true.

crazychris41242128d ago

Xbox One was one of the worst reveals Ive ever seen but they have done a great job of turning it around. Cant wait to get my Forza bundle next month.

Thatguy-3102128d ago

But look at the hurdles that the ps3 entered the gen with. The fact that it was able to stay competitive and eventually surpassed Microsoft goes to show how strong the brand is in the gaming industry. To top it off Sony didn't slash the price or any of the crazy things microsoft is doing the following yr it released to stay competitive. They stuck with what they introduced and rode on that. Ps4 hit all the right marks and look at how successful is has become.

Haru2128d ago (Edited 2128d ago )

because 360 relased a year earlier that PS3 and because xbox cost only half the price of a ps3 which was super expensive at the time yet PS3 still won in the end, if Sony choose to relase PS3 a year earlier at the same time with xbox 360 Microsoft wouldn't have gained so much ground even with PS3 costing nearly 2 times as much it was just pure luck

Concertoine2128d ago (Edited 2128d ago )


The strength of the brand was only part of the equation, its silly to put the ps3's success on that alone. It was because to many sony was offering a better console as the years went by. More exclusives, free online, etc.


There are conditions to the 360's success, of course. There are conditions to everything. The ps1 came out a year, sometimes two years earlier than the n64 in some regions and their dominance in the 5th gen helped lead to their dominance in the 6th.

beans2128d ago (Edited 2128d ago )

MS was simply to arrogant at launch and unwilling to explain there plans clearly. Sony not ready for what MS was going to announce just fell into its position by design. "Greatness Awaits" I mean on paper the most powerful console ever known to man kind with every devloper just about on board with a bunch of fans and game stores talking it up as the next big thing.

X1 fans couldn't say anything because MS put themselves in that position. Personally i had been fed up with them since Peter Moore left but hung in there because Playstation just never appealed to me. MS brought on Phil and everything changed like overnight for me.
Finally quality games one after another and the 1st demo Of CD3 completely changing my perspective of this generation. The truth is I want Sony to win because right now MS is doing things I really appreciate. W10 and X1 have a strong future and those not hopping on board may one day understand where the fun is at and join in.

Sony is simply the must have console right now just like wii last generation.

DialgaMarine2128d ago

MS never had 50% marketshare last gen. Not even close. At the beginning, when PS3 and Wii launched, it might have for a little while, but that's because it had a year's headstart. After the first 6 months of Wii's beating sales, it quickly lost that. The only console that came close to 50% throughout the entirety of the gen was Wii, but it never actually did it. All 3 were fairly close in WW by the end of last gen.

donthate2128d ago


The reason why the PS3 survived that massacre, was because of the outlaying regions (like Europe) plus Japan over a long period of time and the rather at the time innovative offer of free games with PS+.

What MS started with this generation though, was just far more devastating to MS than it ever was for Sony. I mean the message that was being passed around wasn't just that the Xbox One was expensive, it was the FUD about the DRM being spread.

MS is still hurting until this day for that, but the remarkable turn around is far more amazing in my opinion than Sony's reaction to the bad sales of PS3.

MS has been amazingly resilient, and they keep leaping ahead of the competition in basically all areas.

If they continue like this, I think customers will have no choice but to come.

Spotie2128d ago

You don't know what market share is, apparently, since you're trying to equate them to raw numbers. That doesn't work, because the market isn't the same size.

You also can't just attribute the PS3 not doing PS2 numbers solely to the 360. Frankly speaking, if anything took away from Sony's control of the console market, it was the Wii. Even then, it's not as if market share caries over directly from one generation to the next, so you're still wrong.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2128d ago

overtook the 360 not that much though.
With the help of 10m Japan users PS3 was able to edge it out with the X360 only having 1.5m users.

Concertoine2128d ago (Edited 2128d ago )


But wasn't the Wii a bunch of grandmas and casuals? What were they doing coming from the ps2? And if they liked the ps2, a core console, why would they stick with a wii for 7 years until the ps4 came out and not buy a 360 or ps3 in the meantime.

Before you say it wasn't all casuals, this gen is selling 11 million units slower than the 7th gen even though the Xbone and Ps4 are selling a combined 13 million faster than their predecessors BECAUSE the Wii U failed to recapture casuals.

The ps3 didn't lose the UK to the Wii, it lost it to the 360 and the Wii. It didn't lose the US to the Wii, but the 360 and the Wii.

Fact of the matter is, MS sold nearly 4 TIMES as many 360's as OG Xbox's. They were making progress. The Xbone ruined that progress. In a perfect world they wouldn't have botched the launch, and who knows what this gen would look like

Kribwalker2128d ago

I would like someone to show me definitive stats that the PS3 has sold more then the 360. Because the last numbers either company has released suggest the 360 sold more consoles then the PS3

360 announced 84million at E3 2014. Sony announced 100million vita PS3 ps4 sold in August 2014 when the PS4 was over 10 million. We know the vita had sold at least 7 million. Which puts PS3 at 83 last August

joeorc2128d ago

@Concertoine + 2h ago
"MS left last gen with almost 50% of the marketshare sony once had with the ps2. No one is king forever"

This is completely, no where near even remotely true. I do not even know how this myth continues to be respawn over and over.

Look while Microsoft grew its install base with the Xbox platform, it did not steal 50% market share from Sony.

How do we know what I am sayingvis true..well its very simple..Math!

This cannot be stated anymore blunt than this.

Does Microsoft add in xbox one and xbox360 shipment numbers? Today to give its Sales Quarters numbers of units shipped per Sales Quarter?

The answers is yes!

Thus last generation Microsoft only had the xbox360 a single console. Going by the fact Microsoft even today adds in xbox one + xbox360 shipment numbers.

There is no way Microsoft took 50% of Sony's market share because they only had one system!

Just the xbox 360! Uno, single, one, just by get the picture?

Last generation cycle, Sony had still in retail channels


Combined total sales there is no way Microsoft could have taken anywhere near 50% of Sony's market share from Sony let alone what Nintendo has!

So no, while many may say well it was just Xbox vs ps3 than and if you just narrow it down to the north american market, and the UK, than sure if you exclude the other PlayStation systems being sold also aside from the ps3 than you could use that as avmetric, but its a very narrow veiw of Market share and not the true market share % value.

Revolver_X_2128d ago

"The 360 won last gen and continues to sell"


It's funny how you want to say the 360 won last year, and seemingly cite your stance based on sales of hardware. I guess the 100+ million Wii's don't count? If you wanna go by sales, neither MS or Sony won. Deal with it.

beans2128d ago (Edited 2128d ago )

I remember (I think it was)Jack Trenton announcing 13 million move controllers when in fact it wasn't even half of that. As matter a fact he announced that figure when kinect had just hit 13 million. Later it was revealed they sold maybe million which to this day I hardly believe in that time frame or at all. Move wasnt even talked about or market3d much during this time period. Sony lies and I don't know how but they do. It's good they are doing well but this lie nobody questioned on tv has always made me wonder how far they would go to claim victory.

Edit: how can you guys disagree with what I witnessed. A link would be nice but I have no reason to lie. Sony lied not me!

Me-Time2128d ago (Edited 2128d ago )

The original Xbox made massive strides. It did compete against the PS2, maybe even surpassed it. The 360 was great, but M$ wasn't.

Now, things are turning around, but I'm better as **** about their initial policies. I've always been a fan of PS, but Xbox and Spencer are turning things around (amazingly). Stillllll, PS until the day I die (which will be soon).

After that, PS will still be the place to live. BAMM!

King-u-mad2128d ago (Edited 2128d ago )


You can always post your data if you like. Everyone knows the ps3 has been and continues to sell more than the xbox 360. It's kind of hard to surpass someone if you aren't moving faster than them.

Brotard2128d ago

This should put the power of playstation into perspective, it released a whole year after 360 and online was bricked for months, and it still in the end managed to out sell 360 even though 360 was beloved!

miyamoto2128d ago (Edited 2128d ago )

"Unfortunately, for the team, there was a lot going on at Microsoft at the time organizationally. They were getting ready to split up the Xbox group. Don Mattrick left right before the product launched. There was a lot of really difficult dynamics, that did not help decision making.

Bach emphasizes that the team launching the Xbox One "was not the Xbox 360 team," and "naturally, they're going to approach things in a different way." In so many words, any established standards set by Bach and the team that launched the original Xbox and the Xbox 360 were largely wiped away after Bach's departure from Microsoft in 2010."

... and many Xbox fans here put all the blame on poor Don M - the guy who made the 360 popular and stuck with his baby until the end-
"fortunately we have a product for people who aren't able to get some form of connectivity, it's called Xbox 360."

* tsk tsk tsk
some people are just so ungrateful

BG115792127d ago

Half? Wait, to who did belong the other half, Nintendo's Wii? Neither Sony or MS had half the market.

They were on pair on sales until the end, yet, Sony's console did got released one year later and also had a very slow start. The 360 was less expensive, had better multiplateform gaming...

Still they only managed to do a little less then PS3 and ended up

TheCommentator2127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

Why was there ever any confusion over used games? It always played used games. Read the article, the author even contradicts himself when listing "no used games" as a problem. The reality is that media perception was the problem.

It was required that the disc was in for authentication, just like systems do now, or it would give you an option to buy the digital copy if it wasn't in the machine. There was also going to be an option for developers, at their discretion, to charge a fee to someone re-using a disc. MS stated that as a publisher they had no intention of using this feature but it was there for publishers who don't agree with used sales of thier games to use at their discretion.

It's sad, because it did still help to ruin XB1's image even though it was false.

Wh15ky2127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )


"What MS started with this generation though, was just far more devastating to MS than it ever was for Sony."

What makes you think that?
The sales stats suggest that Sonys arrogance at the PS3 reveals, the delays and high launch prices were far more "devastating" to them than "what ms started with this gen".

"MS is still hurting until this day for that, but the remarkable turn around is far more amazing in my opinion than Sony's reaction to the bad sales of PS3."

What has been "remarkable" about this "turn around"? They've just removed everything that caused the bad start. It's not rocket science.

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FallenAngel19842128d ago (Edited 2128d ago )

You are mistaken good sir. Microsoft left last gen with 31.2% of the market, Sony left with 31.6% and Nintendo left with 37.2% of the market. Nobody left with 50% in the 7th gen, especially not the Xbox 360 which was the slowest selling 7th gen console even though it had a whole year headstart.

X1 was never in a position to outsell PS4. Microsoft's brand doesn't have the global appeal that Sony's brand does. Xbox One is still Microsoft's fastest selling console and yet its only selling on par with PlayStation 3, Sony's slowest selling console. That just goes to show people have higher expectations for the PlayStation brand than the Xbox brand.

Concertoine2128d ago (Edited 2128d ago )

You missed what i was saying. MS stole half the ps2's marketshare from the 6th gen. Which was basically a consistent 75%, excluding the dreamcast.

Also your statistic about xbone selling slower than the ps3 is wrong. The ps3 sold 5,552,074 in its first year while the xbox one is harder to approximate. MS states shipped numbers, and 5 million were shipped as of april while amother 3.5 were stated as shipped in the Q4 report. It is safe to say it sold more than 500k of that 3.5 million.

We can talk hypothetics all day, but if the Xbox one didnt sacrifice power for an add on that it would ditch a year later and didn't put off gamers with an unfavorable premise, things would definitely look different, would they not?

Im not saying MS would've outright won, but they were making swift progress before the Xbone ruined it all.

joeorc2128d ago

@Concertoine + 1h ago
"You missed what i was saying. MS stole half the ps2's marketshare from the 6th gen. Which was basically a consistent 75%, excluding the dreamcast."

And again did not!
The 1st Xbox sold life time how much?
25 million LTD.

If Microsoft now with the xbox 360 grew to a let's say 86 to 87 million LTD - 25 million from the first Xbox orig. That means they grew the install base from 61 million to 62 million to right now!

Which is quite a growth..but here is what you are missing, when sales numbers of total life time unit sold ends for the Xbox 360 would it have reached over 100+ million?

We do not know yet, but with the Xbox one having BC, the xbox360 game sales at most likely continue but systems sold may not go high because xbox360 is selling no where near it needs to sustain a climbing metric now in sales quarter growth. Selling another 15 to 20 million more now is pretty unlikely if Microsoft cannot keep it in supply chains further in retail if consumer interest is just not there.

Sony's PS3 still has a much stronger index world wide support cycle still left, 1 mainly because cost for the system has yet to reachbitd lowest price bottom index still further price cuts can in effect be done to further sales indexing. For xbox360 not so much price reduction's are left for the xbox360 without making it a further loss leader.

The ps3 for 2nd and 3rd tier market regions for priced reduced markets, and also with support cycle still in retail chains for the PS3 sony will continue to offer the PS3 as a 2nd choice console in for PlayStation as because unlike the xbox360. Sony's ps3 still further price reduction has not bottomed out yet.

Xbox360's while is pretty much as low as you can go without loss in retail cash revenue due to costs in shipping and manufacturing still being as low already as could go lower but in effect return on sale would in effect be a loss leader.

Again with playstation Vue being also on the PS3.. Over the internet cable streaming makes the PS3 a further option to maintain the unit in retail further, while Microsoft is making less and less reason for the xbox 360 to be a viable option than just choosing the Xbox one, which is good but bad for sustainable xbox360 growth.

FallenAngel19842127d ago

@ Con

Xbox One has sold 13 million units so far 1.5 years into ifs lifespan. PlayStatjon 3 also sold 13 million around the same 1.5 year timespan. Considering X1 had knd of the biggest launches, you can see that its sales dramatically dropped afterwards whereas PS3's sales just rose. That's why they are both now selling at the same rate.

Blaming everything on initial premise is ridiculous. PS3 also had a controversial E3, but it continued to outsell 360 since day one. X1 never had a chance to outsell PS4, that's a fact. The only region Xbox is competitive in is North America, and its currently doing the best the brand has ever done in that region. Yet its best is still behind PlayStation.

They are still making progress. Anybody who thinks that the fastest selling Xbox console isn't making progress is insane. Its just that Microsoft's best can only match up with Sony's worst. That just goes to show the strength of each respective brand.

WowSoChill2128d ago (Edited 2128d ago )

That's a pretty ignorant statement to make, last gen Playstation went from selling 150+ Million units with PS2 down to just 80+ Million with PS3 in the span of one generation, Xbox did great last gen but this gen the dropped the ball, the tech industry is fast moving and anything can happen to either brand

What i'm saying is the Console market is a fickle business and anything can happen, just look at Nintendo

MrBeatdown2128d ago

And all it took was for Sony to launch a year later with a platform that cost $200 more.

And even then, Sony still beat out Microsoft.

If Sony's worst performance yields results that are better than Microsoft's at their best, maybe he's got a point.

WowSoChill2128d ago (Edited 2128d ago )

Who won is not the point, the point is that anything can happen even Sony knows that i'm sure, to argue other wise and to think Playstation will sell forever just because its Playstation is ignorant

MrBeatdown2128d ago

Anything can happen. But why is that your point?

Hypothetically, Apple can be bought out by Ouya and topple Sony and Microsoft. Anything is possible given the right series of events.

But in terms of what will realistically happen, there's nothing to suggest there will be a major shake up that will change the way things are going.

Sony is three for three after 20 or so years, and it's looking like they're going to be four for four. What could Microsoft possibly do at this point, when Sony's systems are selling twice as fast as Microsoft's fastest selling console?

King-u-mad2128d ago ShowReplies(4)
King-u-mad2128d ago


I can say that currently their most recent console will indefinitely sell better than the Xbox One so long as sony doesn't "go dumb" like microsoft in the past with their xbox360 and initial xboxone plan. I cannot agree that they will always sell more. That is poor wording. Especially since Phil Spence is really doing a good job with the Xbox One. We have to give respect where respect is due. Who knows next gen microsoft may make one hell of a console in comparison to sony. The original xbox was better than the ps2 but due to it's release date it wasn't received well. Grant it I personally doubt that will happen, but we don't know the future so we just have to let it ride lol.

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DEEBO2128d ago

No yr jump,weaker hardware,bad E3,Trying to pull that 24hr no use games and trying to go against the king of consoles PlayStation computer entertainment system.

They are making big strides but it's not like sony is going to let off the gas and the gap is still growing.

Bathyj2128d ago

Does it really matter whose "losing"?

The guy that goes second in a threesome with Jessica Alba, still got to sleep with Jessica Alba. I'm not upset, it was a great night.

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