Should Gamers Boycott Konami and Metal Gear Solid V?

To buy or not to buy, that is the question? In the wake of reports on the disturbing work conditions inside Konami, what responsibility falls on the gamers to voice their dissent through their purchasing behaviour? Grab It looks at the pros and cons of choosing to make a statement on the best practices for a developer's work environment through your consumption choices.

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SlappingOysters2727d ago

Super interesting article and it does make for a tough decision. I wonder how the L.A. Noire people feel now, knowing that despite breaking silence on their work conditions, the game sold like 5million?

Macka10802727d ago

It makes you wish we could enforce a similar payment system to the one Humble Bundle uses, where the distribution of funds is made transparent. If people could see the division of revenue between publisher and developer, perhaps they would give more consideration to the impact of their purchases.

HaveSumNuts2727d ago

It's a Metal Gear Solid game made by Kojima. If anyone is boycotting this game because of the Konami politics, I think it's just silly. We all know MGS games are amazing (as long as Kojima is involved) are we gonna skip out on an amazing virtual world because people drag real world b.s into it? If you buy those cheap made in China shirts I wonder do you give a F about that 10 year old kid that hand stitched it.

bouzebbal2727d ago

i am buying it preowned.. too many games to play right now anyway..

bouzebbal2727d ago


You obviously have no idea of what you're talking about.

"If you buy those cheap made in China shirts I wonder do you give a F about that 10 year old kid that hand stitched it."
Was this supposed to be a punch line? Well it's terrible!
The biggest corporations in the world are the ones that enslave kids and people under the most atrocious work conditions.

Yi-Long2727d ago

I'll 'boycot' it for not having the Japanese voices included, like I do with every game that's dub only.

Might get it for PC if that version does have the Japanese voices though...

ravinash2727d ago

Personally if this game sells well, then Konami might re-think their planned changes in the business.
It might also make them feel sorry for pushing Kojima out (although I doubt it).

It looks like Konami will be disappearing into gaming obscurity by choice, so whether you get the game or not will probably make no difference.

Jerry Seinfeld2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )


Exactly! THANK YOU! Well said.


What?? I mean, duh, a lot of big corps manufacture over seas in sweatshops, but what's your point? HaveSumNuts makes a valid and clear point about hypocrisy. You think he was... joking or what?

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2cents2727d ago

I cancelled my pre-order.

I will get Mad Max on the first of Sept, play it to death then pick up MGS from the trade in shelf. That way I still get to play Kojima's final Metal Gear and Konami will not get a cent of my hard earned cash.

Kojima is on a salary for the game so he wont loose any money by doing this.

Sayonara Konami.

lvl_headed_gmr2726d ago

I boycotted Kojima after finishing MGS4. 8 hours to complete and 4 hours of that was gameplay.

Hated the long drawn out cutscenes that had 2 people talking...

Never again Konami....or Kojima. Can't stand either of you.

one2thr2726d ago

They had to close the series, and answer questions.

FallenAngel19842727d ago

I'm going to purchase this masterpiece. I've wait too long to let business decisions deter me

Macka10802727d ago

What about after MGS V? Do you see yourself buying the next MGS game from Konami, presuming they make one?

Yo Mama2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

No. All boycotting The Phantom Pain would do is hurt Kojima-san. Boycott Konami after you purchase it.

Macka10802727d ago

True, Kojima would not want to see people ignore his creation, although since he's now employed as a contractor, sales figures are unlikely to affect what he sees money-wise. Now that he's separated from Konami, his future no longer depends on the success of MGS.

TrollityTroll2727d ago

Further to this, a boycott of this game could (and probably would, judging by the reports coming out of Konami) be used by Konami leadership as justification of their position/treatment towards Kojima. Along the lines of "Look, the sales are rubbish, that proves that he's no longer relevant as a developer so we were correct in what we did". They're so far removed from reality that it's unlikely they'll consider the real reason.

If you are up in arms about this then support this game and boycott future Konami games. It's unlikely it'll make any difference but it's the principle, if that's your thing.

Revengeance2727d ago

I don't know why you got disagrees for this. He's right. I understand people don't wanna support Konami but support Kojima. This is his last MGS game. After that he'll be gone and Konami won't have any talent left. THAT is the time to boycott.

gangsta_red2726d ago

Kojima is long gone from Konami and pretty much probably paid for his work on MGS. Boycotting the game wouldn't hurt him at all.

But I agree that this game should not be boycotted, it will just send another message to Konami and confirm their ways of focusing on mobile and pachinko games.

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DEEBO2727d ago

Yeah but he still wants his game to do good even if they are trying to do him dirty.

Buy the game but anything after that don't support it.

-Foxtrot2727d ago

I honestly don't get people saying Kojima would be "hurt" by lack of sales

As long as it is reviewed highly and gamers love it that kind of thing is what would make Kojima the happiest. I mean why would he care about sales now, he's gone, all that income will go into Konamis pockets and if it exceeds expectations then the suits will get a bonus, not him.

JamesBroski2726d ago

I agree, but in a way, it's still "his" game. He is still working on it until its release. He still wants the game to be perfect, not for Konami's profit, but for his fans.

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