New Skate 2 scans from PSM3

UK gaming magazine PSM3 has an extensive feature on the upcoming Skate 2, check out the link for scans; with new screenshots.

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spandexxking4328d ago

sounds sweet! dragging benches and stuff. EA and innovation.....shock! but seriously tony hawks has nothing on skate anymore

ShinMaster4328d ago

They got that dragging benches and stuff from the last Tony Hawk game, Proving Ground, where you move stuff around to skate it.

JohnnyMann4204328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

I'm sorry but the first Skate's Multiplayer was broken and never had any patches that resolved it. (It lagged regardless of connection speed on both parties and was unavoidable.)

Next time I am asking EA for their money back if they sell me a non complete product.