Soul Calibur IV - no version character swaps planned

In an interview with the Xbox Community Network, the Director who worked on Soul Calibur IV (Katsutoshi Sasaki) mentioned that the team had no plans for bringing Vader to the Xbox 360 version and Yoda to the PS3. So there you have it, although things could change in the future if both camps shout in their loudest voices at him.


Update: Maxiconsole has posted a video which shows Vader and Yoda fighting on the Xbox 360 version, even unlocking an achievement. Does this mean Vader is on the disc? Is the Director telling porkies?

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dachiefsman4396d ago

why not guaranteed money at least Vader to 360.

ShadesMoolah4396d ago

agree with you there, it seems weird that they don't appeal to both camps and make some more money in the process.

Although I don't agree that only Xbox 360 owners should get Vader and leave PS3 gamers with nothing. That's just wrong.

rdgneoz34396d ago

Do you really want Yoda on the ps3? I agree give ps3 gamers something if 360 owners get Vader, but definitely not Yoda...

dachiefsman4396d ago

well i meant for both camps, but i would rather have vader over yoda.

Dark vader4396d ago

it seems that the 360 fans really want vader, Why is that?

marinelife94396d ago

360 fans can keep Yoda. We don't really want him.

Fox014396d ago

coz in SCIV, Yoda is as cheap as shyt.
I hate playing as him or against him. I'ld rather have Vader than Yoda, but I won't pay 400 euros just for that.

GiantEnemyCrab4396d ago

Yoda isn't cheap! He is just a little guy. The best way to fight him is with all low attacks and maybe graple him when he jumps. If I had Vader on the 360 I would be more likely to pick Yoda over him going into a fight. From what I've seen and heard Vader is slow and easy to kill.

Domenikos4396d ago

Ey bro... and above, Ive played with both and IMO Vader is way better, im not saying with this that Yoda suks or something, is just that special movements from Vader are SO BADASS and good looking. Yoda is kinda boring.

kopicha4396d ago

no you are wrong. Vader is actually pretty damn strong in the game. it is not slow like you said. not as fast as apprentice but he has further attack range and his moves are more of a 100% hit when compared to apprentice. if you use him properly you can really piss many ppl off

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insomniak4396d ago

wouldn't it just make a bit more sense to just include both characters on both console versions? it would stop at least two needless fanboy arguments that I can think vs ps3...vader vs yoda. is one or the other better than the other one or the other?

who really gives two sh!ts about anyway?

Sitdown4396d ago

but then again you know there are those collector's who bought both versions because of different cases,shirts....and other stuff.

KidMakeshift4396d ago

Then who is that blank character space between Yoda and the apprentice for?

RedVsBlue4396d ago

Damage control they will swap

okcomputer4396d ago (Edited 4396d ago )

The best of the star wars character in the game by far is the apprentice, who is on both consoles. Yoda seems like a cheap pos character, and vader looks cool, but his moveset is kind of blah.

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The story is too old to be commented.