Infamous PS3 Impressions & High-Res Screens from E3

HDR discusses the Infamous demonstration at E3 and its similarities to past hits.

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Jamie Foxx4396d ago (Edited 4396d ago )

naughty dog -uncharted

sucker punch-infamous

two adult,graphically impressive games,considering both these teams last games were cartoony platformers

hope we see a new jak and sly cooper though


unlike other devs they suck the life out of a franchise and come out with the same crap and slap a number 2 or 3 on it .

supahbad4396d ago

well they have made tons of sequels for those games, its just that they are all good and i want to keep playing

thor4396d ago

But it has meant that we've ended up with many shooters and not many platformers. Saying that, the platforming in uncharted was the best bit IMO. In fact, if they'd made the game the same length but with ONLY platforming (and more difficult platforming/puzzles), it would have been an even better game.

wolfehound224396d ago

don't forget.

Insomniac - Resistance

That was there first shot on the PS3. It's just they are quick with there development so we got a R & C too.

meepmoopmeep4396d ago (Edited 4396d ago )

that's what i love about the 1st party studios this gen.
they're branching out to newer things.

i've got some really HQ images on my PS3 and it looks awesome for a sandbox game.

this game has my eyeballs.

sajj3164396d ago

Not really if you think about it. Who buys consoles in the first? Core gamers! Core gamers are expecting 'core' games. Resistance, Infamous, and Uncharted are evidence of this. Even the Wii had Metro Prime and Zelda. Sony first party made the strategic decision (Microsoft and Nintendo) as well to cater to core gamers upon release.

Panthers4396d ago

Unlike Nintendo, these devs grow with their fans. We got older, so did the games.

This game looks AWESOME!!

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PimpHandHappy4396d ago

i really enjoyed the shoot outs in Uncharted

and when i was swinging on the walls it felt like Pit Fall...It would have been cool if they added a bit more of that gameplay 4sure.

thor4396d ago

Oh I'm not saying the gunplay was bad. In fact it was awesome. But the platforming was so much MORE awesome :D So in a sequel I'd like to see lots of platforming, OK so keep the shooting because it is fun as well, but we know that platforming is their forté and it's the best bit! :)

darkshiz4396d ago

So thor you just want more exploration and platforming.

I would like that in a sequel also like pretend they made you search a maze for an artifact.

Panthers4396d ago

More exploration for sure. I would almost go as far as to say an open island for exploration, but I think its hard to have a great story without linear gameplay. I think they could pull it off.

ThatCanadianGuy4396d ago

Wow..looks f*ckin amazing..

cliffbo4396d ago

it's so good i'm having a hard time believing that's in game, but having played Sly, i honestly believe it is

Hawkeyes3154396d ago

Infamous Graphics >> GTA IV Graphics

DJ4396d ago

Blu-ray helps out a lot.

Hawkeyes3154396d ago

I guess now we know why GTA's graphics were held back.

SmokingMonkey4396d ago (Edited 4396d ago )

like the TANK?! the taxicab and ambulance missions etc etc.

you can't swap disks in a game like GTA. i still love the game but had the game taken advantage of bluray or Hard drive, than it could have been a much bigger game.

cliffbo4396d ago

Hawkeye, you are absolutely right.

Kruzitu4396d ago

ya, blu-ray held GTA4 back, its slow loading and streaming of data.

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