Namco begins its Soul Calibur IV content cash cow

Namco released a huge amount of downloadable content for its Ace Combat 6. Well now the first content for Soul Calibur IV has arrived mere days after release with music tracks costing 80 points and a custom items pack costing 100 points. Are the customization items already on the disc?

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Nevers4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

That is really really lame... paying for additional song packs?!?!?!?! That's just stupid... I've said I'll buy character packs but I'm not gonna get raped by these scheister-bastards for things that should have been implemented in the game as unlockables.

Bnet3434328d ago

I knew it. Just like Katamari and Ace Combat 6 on 360 and charging $10 for an online patch for Tekken 5 . Very phucking stupid, Namco sucks

Asurastrike4328d ago

Does anyone actually listen to the music ingame anyway? I want more stages!

kewlkat0074328d ago

...Trust me were out there..

"The soul still burns"

kopicha4328d ago

imo SC series have some of the best soundtrack available as compared to some other fighters out there. at least for me i love their music. appreciating a game does not only apply to visual and game play. but the sound department plays a big part as well. i feel that playing game while ignoring the music in the game is kinda disrespect to the composer who have spend so much time making those great soundtrack that fit into a game. everyone is up to their own opinion regarding this. all i can say personally is i definitely enjoy musics that come with most games out there. i hardly choose to put up my own music over theirs. unless they really sux big time. for SC case, i surely listen to their original sound over my own music anytime anyday.

JasonXE4328d ago

you can just wait for a mp3 version to come out and play it in game lol.

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ArtisianDragon4328d ago

Man -.- I thought it was going to be like more custom characters or something, but music? Seriously I can see where they are trying to go with this, but songs really aren't worth it at this point :/

BrotherNick4328d ago

I'm just going to download the soundtrack off torrent. :O

ArtisianDragon4328d ago

Exactly! That or someone will upload it on a site.

BrotherNick4328d ago

I'll notify everyone when I find a good torrent.

SaiyanFury4328d ago

Meh I never cared about DLC anyways. If I have to pay for it, even if it's already on the disc, it's not getting accessed.

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The story is too old to be commented.