Ferrari Showcases Upcoming Ferrari California With Gran Turismo Virtual Test Drive

The California is the newest Ferrari model to come out of the Pininfarina design studio, and will be the first ever front V8-engined chariot to wear the highly desired Prancing Horse badge. It revives a name from the brand's past, adorning the rump of the 250GT built between 1957 and 1959. Some of us may remember a replica of one such model getting destroyed on the big screen in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

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pwnsause4869d ago

weres Forza to advertise about cars bots HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH AAHHAHAA

CViper4869d ago

I count:


and possibly


El Capitan? Anyone else getting that vibe? El Capitan was goty as far as tracks go :)

NO_PUDding4869d ago

Yes, certainly something Route 66ish. Could also be Balkan though, Like Croatia or Montenegro. Or even Corsica.

But is this now virtually confirmed for an update?

Looooooks tight. I wee'd a little, great find whoever submitted this. Show yourself so I can give you bubbles.

Liquid Dust4869d ago

Hey show some love to CViper for the contribution

Nurburgring was looking fantastic, that was a great find you got there, I wonder how many courses that actually have complete right now, im sure the thing that is holding back the release date the most is the cars of course, what was it 3 months to completely model a car in and out?

Overall looking fantastic, id love to see those courses as DLC for Prologue

CViper4869d ago

I just hope private races surface soon.

Lord Anubis4869d ago

so this is what Polyphony meant when they said car manufacturers were willing to pay just to have their car in the game.