Job Application Found for Possible BioShock 2 Lead Multiplayer Designer

Ripten's John Kershaw discovered a very interesting job opportunity at 2K Boston.

The job, Lead Multiplayer Designer, is described as requiring familiarity with the BioShock game. Could this be early indication than while 2K Marin are working on BioShock 2's main story, 2K Boston will be adding multiplayer?

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Boldy4362d ago (Edited 4362d ago )

I for one hope there's no multiplayer as the dev team would focus solely on bringing a great single player experience like they did with the first Bioshock.

Edit: I guess, if they have two different teams then that's ok but I don't know how different the game is going to be now that Ken Levine isn't working on it.

wardrox4362d ago

If true, it's a different team working on the single player (2K Marin) than the multiplayer (2K Boston). Though I agree they need to be very careful.

Twizlex4362d ago

Multiple devs on the project scares me. Remember Splinter Cell: Double Agent?

bluecapone4362d ago

bioshock doesnt need multiplayer just worry about the sp

IaMs124362d ago

I think Bioshock would have a freaking Awesome Multiplayer with all the plasmids and stuff... yes they should concentrate on the Storyline but its good to see that they have a different team working on the Multiplayer... which to me doesnt seem like much could go wrong.. Multiplayer does not have to follow with the Storyline, would be nice though...
The multiplayer should just be VS people not a campaign multiplayer unless they could pull it off with the storyline...

Gerard Way4361d ago

You know, you find alot of ads like this on Craigslist.
As much as I loved the Story for Bioshock, I always thought a multiplayer mode would have been TONs of funs. But how exactly would it work? B/c some of those plasmids are pretty dominant.

IzKyD13314361d ago

bioshock isnt the kind of game that can have multiplayer....

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