Too Human Goes Gold

Silicon Knights has announced that their long-awaited title, Too Human, has finally gone gold and will be available for sale this August.

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dxmnecro3821d ago

A lawsuit later and the game survived. You have to give the devs some props on this one.

deeznuts3821d ago

I like to hate on this game because it's fun, who doesn't like to kick something when it's on the ground and nobody is looking?

But I'll check it out. I'm not a demo trying person, so i'll give the full game a shot. Lord knows I need something other than a shooter right now.

Silogon3821d ago

I think they mean "TOO HUMAN HAS GONE $#*T BROWN" cause that's the color this game represents.

iceice1233821d ago

You have it confused with the likes of Haze, Lair and heavenly sword. By the way this game will outsell all three of those combined. Too Human> Your sh!t lineup.

chrisnick3821d ago

y is heavenly sword in that list.......are u a retard.....yes it was short but that is one of ps3s best u know the pandemonium that may occur from a heavenly sword2?

silverchode3821d ago

heavenly sword? have you even played that game?

Tmac3821d ago

Icewake is just the local retard, don't even worry about him.

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dro3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

this game looks like its gonna be fun after all,i wonder why so many people were dissing it before the demo came out.

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The story is too old to be commented.