Home Beta Client Getting Significant Rehaul

E-Mail from Sony to Home Beta Testers-

"We are now moving into the next phase of PlayStation®Home's evolution and as a current tester we'd like you to continue your participation.

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mabreu4328d ago

I always agree about giving more time to polish this software. However, this is testing my patience. Nintendo has the mii's. MS is ready with its Avatars. Even Google's Lively service is taking off. Sony needs to hurry up and release this beast to the wild.

Solid_Snake6664328d ago

well you have to understand its not just avitars that Sony is trying to make its a whole new virtual space where you can launch into games and all that good stuff it has way more than the Miis and way more stuff than xbox avitars (Miis)

Daver4328d ago

This is making me laugh because people complain about home always getting delay but when it will launch because of the pressure sony have from their costumers, people will still complain because something will not work yet or somethign is missing

Time_Is_On_My_Side4328d ago

I think partly for the reason for PlayStation Home to be delayed because of the criticism it gets.

Mikelarry4328d ago

happened to them expanding in july. anyhu this is still good news seems they have made significant progress for them to take out the BETA from the name. well hopefully we would hear something about the open beta soon.

Vicophine4328d ago

Agreed, however, I can't help but be impressed with the graphics in Home :) really surprised me how amazing they were. Compare them to the 06' Video and you'll be amazed.

Splenda144328d ago

its coming open beta soon

danidefjam23454328d ago

i posted dis story!!.. more on subject ......... why doesnt sony just bring home out before MS does there update dis fall .. why more testing just bring the f!#$%@G thing out alredy

Deviant4328d ago

seriously NO ...i hope sony never ends up releasing unfinished stuff. It would be 2.40 all over again-.- . Just polish it.

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The story is too old to be commented.