ZOMBI - PC 4K Resolution Screenshots Show The Graphical Update From The WiiU Version

DSOGaming writes: "Ubisoft's zombie game, ZOMBI, has just been released on the PC and we're bringing you some 4K resolution screenshots from its first scenes."

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chrish19901426d ago

It's such a shame that Ubisoft didn't go all-out with it. I'd have happily paid more than the asking price for a decent looking port.

Neonridr1426d ago

I am surprised they even did it in the first place. Without the gamepad, this game becomes a mediocre zombie game at best. The graphics were never what made this title, even on the Wii U it didn't look amazing.

I actually prefer the gritty textures and lens effects employed in the Wii U version. The PS4, XBO and PC versions look too sharp and too bright with the updated lighting.

I feel it actually takes something away from the game. But that's just my opinion of course.

_-EDMIX-_1425d ago

Why should they? They are seeking to make money from the port, if they have new ideas for another game, let them focus on just that.

This is a port of the Wii U version, not a sequel.

asadachi1425d ago

the zombies still look "cartoonish" to me

Tzuno1424d ago

Thanks god that cricket bat doesn't break.