G4: Project Origin Direct-Feed HD Exclusive Video

Project Origin, the sequel to F.E.A.R. got a new name, but this FPS from Warner Bros. and Monolith looks even better than the original. The game is currently set for an October 1st release for the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360.

HD available at source.

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Snoozer2824320d ago

Looks pretty, but where's the fear factor seen in the original. All the video's I've seen are about action and no atmosphere. The scariness in the original stopped it becoming the corridor grind it was on the way to being.

gameraxis4320d ago

is the first one anything like this or what, i never played it and i have a ps3 is it worth getting??? how are the graphics

juuken4320d ago

Wow, that game looks HOT.

bluecapone4320d ago

this crap isnt FEAR where are the horror elements? damn they are turnin this into some action shooter

Storm234320d ago

Lets just hope this is a 10 minute action part of the game and the scary stuff is in there also.

LevDog4320d ago

Is it Me.. or does some of the sound effects sound like Resistance Sound effects???