Too Human Demo Most Downloaded Action Demo Yet

Microsoft has just announced that Xbox Live demo downloads of Too Human have passed the 900,000 mark. According to Microsoft, this makes it the most downloaded action demo on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

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dxmnecro4325d ago

Evidently its been downloaded more than just about anything else to date.

JoKeR4325d ago

And ur commenting on this...why?

sonarus4325d ago

There are like 10million xbox live members at the very least. 900,000 download a FREE demo and Microsoft feels the need to announce it. At least there aren't announcing the number of achievements unlocked in the first 24hrs:D

DJ4325d ago

It's "within the first week." It's still worthless information.

ThanatosDMC4325d ago

They really outta stop over hyping a mediocre game....

Skadoosh4325d ago

Hey DJ, I thought you knew but this site is full of useless information : )

Sayai jin4324d ago

@DJ- If it is worthless then why are you commenting on it.

Back on topic, MS may feel that people are highly anticipating this game due to all of the demo downloads. Does that actually equivilate to gauranteed sales, no. Also, they maybe hyping up the game to ensure the hoopla and generate more sales which would make any developer happy. A happy developer means more games will be on their way.

Game on...

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smokeymicpot4325d ago

People hate it but they keep on playing it and downloading it

meepmoopmeep4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

850,000 likely deleted it soon after. because the HDD is limited. uh, yeah.

but this game was in the interest of many gamers because of the love/hate thing in the media so a lot of people were curious how this game was.

it just went Gold so hopefully the full version will be good.

HateBoy4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

That's because you assume most of those 900000 actually have any idea about the controversy. It may seem evident to you and me, but remember that a large majority of 360 owners and live subscribers have never visited a site like n4g, joystiq etc. Most people just go "hey there's a demo to download".

On topic: I think it's the most downloaded ever becuase its been the only one available for quite some time. Also, 900000 out of what? 20 mill? That doesn't seem like a lot to me, more like 4.5%, aka: nothing. Love it myself though.

Snoozer2824325d ago

Converting the demo downloads to sales is another matter.

Sayai jin4324d ago

Yup, I agree with that, but is this artice about sales or talking about the demo?

beast4325d ago

How they spin it to " most downloaded ACTION demo on the Xbox Live Marketplace " err ok

GameOn4325d ago

Yeh that must mean its garnered more attention than Devil may cry and Ninja Gaiden.

FantasyStar4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

A spin on words. Here's a spin;

People download Too Human more often because they're curious as to how much the game sucks. The game sucks so badly, every 360 owner spreads the word so that their friends can experience the suckiness that is "Too Human". Too Human to date is the most disappointing Action Demo yet based on the sales of the actual retail copy of Too Human.

See, I can put a spin on it too.