Namco Classics Hitting Home


- Sony Japan shared details today on an expanded PlayStation Home closed beta for the Japanese market that will see 10,000 additional PS3 owners in Japan test out the virtual world starting in late August.

But the big news isn't the expanded beta, but one of the new features to which beta testers will have access.

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sonarus4328d ago

As long as third party support for home is in order it will be a huge success

jwatt4328d ago

So they're expanding in Japan, I hope there's a chance they will expand in the U.S.

Viktor E4328d ago

Third Party support for Home is clearly there;Ubisoft,EA,and Namco have already signed up and are on board.

I just sent an email to Sony instructing them to award a Broom Cabinet to serve as Square Enixs Home space.

beoulve4328d ago

Bubbles up. Sony cant fight this war alone, with EA, Namco and Ubisoft. It's definately a huge win for Sony.

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bluecapone4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

yeah pops i'm yo E-son

Bordel_19004328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

I've had this page, as my browser start page for ages. I'm still excited for HOME, I hope there's an open beta in Europe soon.

VampHuntD4328d ago

A mini Namco arcade would be awesome in my home, let's hope others decide to join the trend...

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