8.9 - Soul Calibur IV Review

It has Star Wars cameos, online play, and a ton of bonus content, but does the soul still burn?

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Asurastrike4674d ago

Until someone can describe to me the difference between an 8.9 and a 9.0 game, I round up.

Playstation Man4674d ago (Edited 4674d ago )

With load times and polish and all (IGN). That's how the media does things. GT gave Uncharted 8.9 because it was the best PS3 game of 2007. Motorstorm got 7.9 from Gamespot. It's the way the media gives Sony the big backhand pimp slap of bias from time to time.

Essential, to GT, the same site that gives almost ALL E3 awards to PS3 but then claims 360 is the best in show, a game better on PS3 MUST SUFFER! Bottomline: This is just another quick example of their bias.

p.s. I know I'm blowing this outta proportion but can you really blame me when talking about GT? Seriously...

monkey_gamer4674d ago

Rounding up a games score would be giving it a higher score then it deservers. I mean what is the point of having decimals in a review score if you round up? It is not necessary.