To AIAS President: Blame Publishers, not Reviewers

TGR - "Joseph Olin, the president of the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, has taken a moment to spew vitriol all over the game journalism industry. In a recent interview, Olin claimed that, 'My pet peeve is that game reviewers are lazy,' claiming there are 'a lot of game critics, but very little critical analysis.'"

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cain1414395d ago

Review Scores are inherently meaningless... Stop trying to give them value...

aubradley4395d ago

Sounds like he's just mad because back when he was a publisher his games didn't get perfect scores. Olin has no idea how the journalism side of the industry works.

Relin4394d ago

And if he does have a clue, he's got some pretty hefty blinders on. I completely agree that reviewers needs to, as a whole, become more critical of the games they review, but the complaints he's bringing up really aren't a problem with the journalists themselves. Publishers need to get on board, too, and who knows? Maybe that'll happen when reviewers start acting like professionals.