Gamers Universe Preview: Tomb Raider Underworld

Gamers Universe writes: "The first time we set foot in Tomb Raider's majestic caverns, we were arrested by the immense scale, soaring soundtrack and lonely ambience that pervaded the game. Subsequent Tomb Raiders lost sight of what made the original so good, throwing in far too many human enemies and less actual tomb raiding. With original developer Core stringing out the series for no less than six iterations, Lara really lost the plot with the risible Angel of Darkness, a Tomb Raider game with virtually no tombs and an uncharismatic boy band reject for a sidekick.

Crystal Dynamics took over the licence in 2006 and managed to rescue the series from stagnation, recapturing much of what made the original game so effective. Despite shoehorning a host of action set pieces into the narrative, including a dodgy stage on Lara's motorcycle, Tomb Raider: Legend and the subsequent Anniversary edition still managed to pull the series back on track. Dynamic's second original Lara effort, Tomb Raider: Underworld is the perfect opportunity for the developer to build upon its huge success in reinvigorating the IP."

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Silogon4318d ago

I simply can't get excited about this game. I'm done with Tomb Raiders and their lame ass stories. The gameplay in every Tomb Raider was tedious at best and often times unplayable. This will be no different, I'm sure.

It's finally looking better, thank god. Well, the xbox 360 version is I should say. We have yet to see the ps3 version, or atleast I haven't. That doesn't look good, either.

It will no doubt look better than Uncharted by the time it drops, but probably just barely and I'd venture to say Naughtydog needs to get to work and really open Uncharted 2 up. We need more than 1 way through a level.

Ureval4318d ago

Im stoked for this. The early buzz on it has been almost universally promising. Its kinda like seeing Stallone in the new Rambo and Rocky. For a while we forgot why we ever liked him, but when he went back to his roots I think most people smiled and remembered.

Heres hoping Lara comes back in a big way.