TGR Preview: Guitar Hero: World Tour - "Raises the Bar"

TGR - "Obviously, the biggest difference between this game and previous entrants is that it's no longer just about the guitar. Activision and Neversoft saw how wildly successful Rock Band became with the introduction of drums and a microphone, so the Guitar Hero franchise will be jumping on the bandwagon as well. To that end, World Tour will introduce a sweet new drum set that attempts to make the experience a little more "real." Don't think Activision is resting on their laurels when it comes to the guitar though, as the latest version packs the most innovation since the introduction of five colored buttons and a strum bar."

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cain1414362d ago (Edited 4362d ago )

This is really going to need to be amazing for me to get it... I'm already in rock bands camp pretty heavily... I just love the first Rock Band and I can't see myself playing both...

gamerosity4362d ago

It'd take a considerable amount of money and space in your gaming area to get both, the price of which would get you another gaming system along with a couple of games. It's unfortunate, I'd be interested in playing both, just can't afford to. Will have to stick with Rock Band.

benny o klaatt4362d ago

that the rock band drums would be compatible with GH WT. Or maybe it was a video during e3 when they were showing it off.

if it is i'll go solus

BrotherNick4362d ago (Edited 4362d ago )

For people who have the wii it only makes sense to get guitar hero over rock band. Mainly because many of them already have ghIII, and RB is not compatible with their guitars. For the core gamers they won't be losing any functionality in the software, other than the usual graphics hit. People with Rock Band will probably not care about GHWT.

aubradley4362d ago

Every time I think I've settled on platform, something pulls me back into the fray. I love the way Rock Band sets up its notes and songs, but GH is really innovating on the instruments. Gah, so hard!