Monthly Roundup E3 Edition: July 2008

This month sure was a hectic one for PlayStation 3 owners as we all sat and watched E3 unravel. This year's event happened to bring only a small dose of bad news mixed with a heavy dose of goodness to look forward to. Even though we all watched Square Enix break our hearts during the Microsoft press conference, we were certainly still treated to a world of potential from our beloved console of choice. Not only did Sony roll out their video download service, but they introduced Massive Action Gaming and its 256-player online capability that caused the dropping of many jaws within the theatre. One can't forget witnessing the giant Leviathan in Resistance 2 attempting to destroy Chicago or the very teasing trailer of God of War 3 either.

Overall, Sony delivered an above average conference that left some gamers satisfied, yet left a bunch of others wishing for more. July also happened to bring us a nice handful of titles worth checking out including Civilization Revolution (NA), Siren: Blood Curse, NCAA 09, Soul Calibur IV, and even PixelJunk Eden if you consider yourself a PSN arcade-playing enthusiast. This seventh month also played host to the announcement of Resistance on the PSP, Fat Princess on the PSN and an incredible update from the guys over at Criterion for the ever-expanding world of Burnout Paradise. We'll have a special Burnout Paradise announcement at the bottom of this feature, so be sure to read to the end!

This is usually the spot where I ask our community members questions in order to get their feedback on the month's occurrences, however after a draining E3 and preview week, I've decided to utilize this space in order to fill you guys in on my E3 experience and the people I met while there.

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