PlayStation 3 Catching Up To Wii In Japanese Sales

According to a magazine publisher, the PlayStation 3 is catching up with the Wii in Japanese sales.

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sinncross4395d ago

hmmm maybe only a short term thing?

though it wud be good to see ps3 getting some better sales... it just needs the games.

felidae4395d ago

i think there are enough games for everyone ... how many 360 games do you own and play?

ash_divine4395d ago

you're still using that "no games" thing. what, you stuck in 2007 or something? by the didn't Sony have more exclusive at E3 this year?

--Onilink--4395d ago

this article is lame... of course its catching up, backing in may, there was a minimal amount of PS3 units sold(hence the 6 to 1). Its just that now the PS3 is selling decently and the wii has remained unstopable in sales so the difference has decreased. If the PS3 was still behind 6 to 1 by this point they would have already stopped production and declared it a failure....

dktxx24395d ago

Over time ps3 sales will increase significantly in Japan. Its a matter of when the ps2 people feel the need to switch over. And I thinks its safe to say that the wii and the ps3 will be in a lot of homes right next to each other.

LightningPS34395d ago (Edited 4395d ago )

by catching up they mean "getting outsold by a little less than usual".

The only way I could see Wii loosing is if the PS3 and 360 stay on the market for like 10 years. Which is what I hope happens. Those consoles need to give time for casuals to catch up to the High Def era.

Probably won't happen because Microsoft will come out with a new console pretty soon if they start getting beat by PS3.

poopsack4395d ago

x360 didnt stop PS2 from selling millions more.

DJ4395d ago

The PS3 went from being outsold 6:1 originally to 1.7:1. That's definitely not "a little less than usual."

Relcom4395d ago

You start losing in sales so you release a new console? You remember sega with the all the BS 32X add-on and releasing their console early because of slow sales?

It doesn't work man, history shows that.

TheExecutive4395d ago

Youre right about the time thing. Sony will sell tons of consoles in Japan once FF comes out and the price drops a little. I have no doubt that the Japanese people are very willing to embrace the PS brand.

As for MS, well, I think the only people who own 360's in Japan are Americans living there but I could be wrong.

Bringing out a new console doesnt somehow make MS on top. They may spin it that way but it doesnt make it so.

foodbox4395d ago

The PS3 will not "catch up" to the Wii in Japan. The gap is *already* far too great.

The proper economies of scale for *software development* are what is at issue here, and the big-budget development for PS3 just isnt there compared to the sales for Wii and Xbox 360 (in a global sense).

Japan cannot support the PS3 alone, and its distant 3-rd place in the market (currently) is going to be *very difficult* to come-back from.

Pretend, wish, hope, lie -- do anything you want to, but its not going to change. Both the Wii and Xbox 360 can move down in price -- the "price point" for PS3 isnt going to matter, the other two are going to be there at the same time... and the PS3 will still be in 3rd.

Bottom line? The PS3 was a BluRay player from day 1, Sony spent BILLIONS to kill HD-DVD for its MPAA interest. That's it.

Yes, the PS3 plays games, great. But this generation, Sony missed the mark - big time.

TheExecutive4395d ago (Edited 4395d ago )

Hey foodbox, how do you explain the gap shrinking between the 360 and the ps3 to under 5 million?

I betcha just about anything that by this time next year the ps3 will have overtaken the 360 in global sales. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing in the market pointing to the 360 holding its lead over the PS3, except of course fanboy hope.

But seriously I know you will respond to this post, so make it logical. Before you bring up price points remember that is one of many factors to console sales.

I guess my question to you is this: How will MS hold its lead if it has been diminishing since mid 2007?

motts4395d ago (Edited 4395d ago )

Well i hope the 360 is ready for a pricecut at any time because they told everyone there would be a big one...which was a lie
telling everyone theres going to be a 100 dollar price cut and then reveal ur just phasing out the cheap version for the $350 one was a rediculous stunt, where as the ps3 doubles its harddrive to 80gigs and sells it for only 50 more (so with online play making the systems equal)

The ps3 is catching up to the 360 rapidly, and with the upcoming games (Gears2 and Fable2 vs. little big planet, resistance2, killzone2, god of war III, and final fantasy exclusive in rpg loving japan)+the rapid growth of Blue Ray all over the world, it is silly to think the ps3 is screwed.

The wii won't be caught for a while thats true, thing sells out everywhere, and its price now is prob lower than wut the ps3 will cost in 3 years haha. But MS better watch out. After Gears 2 is released, there wont be much reason to buy one...

Oner4395d ago (Edited 4395d ago )

Hey Foodbox you say the PS3 is 3rd but when you look at the markets/numbers it shows something TOTALLY different

1st Europe
1st Japan
1st America

2nd Europe
2nd Japan
3rd America

2nd America
3rd Europe
3rd Japan

Wii = 1st with all 1st places
PS3 = 2nd with 2 / 2nd places & 1 3rd (but gaining every month)
360 = 3rd with 2 / 3rd places and 1 / 2nd (losing ground every month & RROD's being counted as working consoles...)

Just because MS "might" have more consoles sold than the PS3 (in one market) doesn't mean it's really ahead.

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sushipoop4395d ago

Well Final Fantasy XIII is PS3 exclusive in Japan. That's when the most PS3's will be sold.

thor4395d ago

But what about when monster hunter 3 hits Wii? That will make wii sales explode (although I think about everyone in japan has about 2 wiis and 5 DSs now lol)

Fox014395d ago

I wonder what will happen to Wii sales when Kingdom Hearts III and Monster Hunter III launch.

It will probably sell like 200K on a weekly basis for at least... a month.

Playstation Man4395d ago

Since when was KH3 an exclusive for the Wii? Also, you all underrate the power of White Knight Chronicles in the Japanese market for the PS3.

Mr PS34395d ago

Doing in Japan !!!!
Or Europe for that matter


Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4395d ago

I thought the xBox 360 has been Discontinued in Japan and Europe!!! ;-D

theKiller4395d ago

and in europe only people buying it for to play free copied games!! they dont spend 1 cent after they buy the console!

TheDeadMetalhead4394d ago

The 360 is already being discontinued in places. And PS3 and Wii are still going strong. Hey! If they merged...


Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4394d ago

Did they run out of Red Lights!!! ;-D

+Just got my 1st Trophy in PJ:Eden!!! ;-P
God it was hard getting it! :-/

The Mikester4394d ago

lol!! it's doing terrible and will continue doing terrible unless Microsoft does something about it. But Microsoft doesn't give a d*m* about the XboxPleaseFixMe b/c they have tons of money and could care less.

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