Resident Evil: A Change for the Better?

People always hear about developers ruining great games by changing them. But what happens when developers change a game for the BETTER? 411's Jordan Williams looks at the changes made to the Resident Evil series that have made it better.

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LightningPS34362d ago (Edited 4362d ago )

I miss the old Resident Evil with real zombies. Living Dead zombies.

That was the real RE.

This new RE since RE4 is almost like a third person shooter, not bad gameplay but they should bring back the undead, instead of the possesed african or spanish villagers they have now a days.

sushipoop4362d ago

4 and 5 shouldn't be numbered sequels. Why? They're not survival horror. They're third person action games. Resident Evil 4 was pretty good but I wonder if the people that gave it all that praise even played RE 1-3 + Code Veronica? At least those were scary and weren't so much about shooting anything that moves. They were slow paced and had good stories.

bluecapone4362d ago

before RE4 i wouldnt even touch any resi games because the aim was so terrible i'm happy for the changes

Product4362d ago

Its so true about this game though....possessed humans??.....and what is with there being sunlight????how is that spooky?

N4g_null4361d ago

It seems fatal frame is doing a better job at resident evil than capcom. I guess this is what happen when you get sucked into the hardcore niche! Capcom loves chasing those hardcores!