IGN: PixelJunk Eden AU Hands-on

The influence of games like flOw, N+ and even Spore's opening stage, with their microcosmic playing fields, platforming roots and minimalist presentation, opened the doors to pure gameplay. flOw in particular has seemingly influenced the creators of PixelJunk Eden's setting – the base pools of life in increasingly complex organic garden environments.

Strictly speaking, PixelJunk Eden is a platformer. You work your way up the stage by literally slingshotting your way from one point to the next; leaping upwards and gently arcing your landing with a small degree of aftertouch. For players of N+, the mechanic is very similar – streamlined jumping gameplay.

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wolfehound224315d ago

I cannot wait for this game to hit tonight. I played through the demo twice, and I am ready to start earning some trophies. And the fact it is only 9.99 makes it even better.