The American boxart of Valkyria Chronicles

The American boxart of the PS3 RPG exclusive Valkyria Chronicles

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Le-mo3821d ago's been known for quite awhile now.

LightningPS33821d ago

never had I seen that box art. And I search box art often, cause I like to get pictures of all my game collection and what they look like together.

Playstation Man3821d ago

Which was a white boarder with a group photo of just about every character in the game.

I can't wait for this game! It's gonna be freaking awesome! The SRPG field needed a change and Valkyria Chronicles has done a splendid job delivering something new.

Homicide3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

The boxart has been on amazon for about a week or so. Very beautiful boxart though. Definitely buying this game. I had my eyes on this since it was first announced.

What's there to disagree about? Le-mo is correct. This boxart was revealed quite a while ago. If you guys are really looking forward to it, you would have know this by now.

rucky3821d ago

I thought they change the boxart from the one I saw on Amazon. The boxart's yummy 10/10

LightningPS33821d ago

I like most PS3 exclusive box arts. I'm a purest of fanboys, I usually only buy exclusives. Sometimes I make exceptions but unless the game is really really good, I usually end up selling it.

kingme713821d ago

You don't buy multiplatform games because they are multiplatform or very few have piqued your interest?

RealityCheck3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

While there are always exceptions, I agree that the best games for each platform are exclusives (or at least started this way). There are a few good multiplatform games, but most are average or worst.

Oh and that boxart is sweet although I really like the story picture too.

sajj3163821d ago

lovely looking boxart!

[email protected]3821d ago

Box art approve it. Look good but the upper chick on the box art its kinda meh to me. Otherwise I'm so sold for this title.

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The story is too old to be commented.