Microsoft "wasn't in the right place" to buy Bizarre Creations

Speaking to VG247 at Develop today, Bizarre Creations head Sarah Chudley said that Activision, and not Microsoft, bought the Gotham developer as Microsoft's "internal structure probably wasn't in the right place to buy things at the time."

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aaquib54362d ago

They had lost $1B, PS3 was outselling them, and the only thing they could count on was Halo.

DA_SHREDDER4362d ago (Edited 4362d ago )

Im a total Sony fanboy,, but i just got gamefly and rented Ninja Gaiden 2 and Mass Effect. Them games are freakin sweet man. But other than them 2 titles, I really can say im not impresed by the rest of the 360's library. I have yet to play Lost Odesy,, or however you spell it. Ive played the demos to damn near every game,, I even bought Halo 3 and Gears,, and to me everything is pretty much overrated. I think xbox live is whats actually keeping the 360 alive. The os is pretty awesome, but its really slow.

jmalc4362d ago

Could... could Microsoft be running out of money to throw around??

Xi4362d ago

they create IP's like project gotham racing, gears of war, halo, then they hire studios to work on them. It's like nintendo, they may not have as many studio's as sony or nintendo but I think their method works.

YoMeViet4362d ago

They didn't create those IPs, they bought them.

Xi4362d ago (Edited 4362d ago )

They did create PGR and then hired bizzare to work on it, they didn't purchase the IP from them. MGS has a development team dedicated to creating IP's and finding suitable studio's to make them.

They bought bungie, and yes bungie made halo, however that's like saying sony doesn't make socom games, zipper does and they[sony] just bought everyone and their IP's.

Microsoft also owns a bunch of other liscense for games, like Crimson skies, mech assault, mech warrior, etc, they hire studio's like Zipper(before being purchased by sony) to make them. Smith and tinker are working on a wiesman liscense right now for MS. They hire studio's to work on them, they don't just buy IP's.

Ju4362d ago

That's kind of odd. Because Bungie presented Halo on a Mac before MS got their hands on it. So, that's hardly an M$ creation...

solidt124362d ago

Man I didn't know Halo was originally on the Mac. Knowing Apple they are still plotting a payback in some form. I have a G4 and I love it and the other Apple products seem to be selling very well. I think that Bungie made a good move though because now they are famous.

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DA_SHREDDER4362d ago (Edited 4362d ago )

You like the way Microsoft makes games, yet they let other studios finish them? Dude, did you forget to take your meds today? I can tell that you dont have a clue what your talking about, your a not just a fanboy, but a complete poor excuse for one. If you wanna make the 360 look good then dont say anything at all. People as dumb as you shouldn't be allowed to comment in the open zone.

shine13964362d ago

as opose to you who is perfectly charming and doesn't need anger management lessons at all...arrogance and ignorance are just as bad as each other with the exception that ignorance is often innocent. I mean what if he really was just a kid or something...not saying that he is but what he was.

Xi4362d ago (Edited 4362d ago )

Buy a developer and force them to produce the same game over and over?

Just look at Zipper and making nothing but socom games. Yeah, and sony does the same thing, sony SA will only do godOW games from now on, zipper Socom, other studio's might get 1 or 2 other projects then their normal game they're going to be forced to produced.

I'm glad bungie left MS, they were being held back, just like almost all developers working under EA/Sony/Activision-blizzard.

Deviant4362d ago

ehm did u forget halo? even bungie stated they are forced to work on halo projects.

assassin2234362d ago

really because that's not what Richard Lemarchand from nuaghty dog said.

"IGN: There's obviously extremely good ties with Sony as well, but how does it affect Naughty Dog working with such a huge company?

Richard Lemarchand: It's really good, because we have this mutual trust with Sony, and we have very regular check-ins with them. They'll give us the latitude to really run on our own, which frees us up to work in this fast and loose way. It's great that they trust us -- I wish there was more of that in the industry generally. I think that it's got to come from both sides -- from publishers and developers -- but as those bonds of trust get stronger then developers are going to be able to take more risks and work towards more innovative types of games, once the publishers know that the developer is going to reliably deliver on time."

i thing you must have gotten Microsoft and Sony mixed up
beacuse Bungie's CEO Harold Ryan said that "Microsoft only saw Bungie’s continual Halo success translate into dollars, while Bungie saw Halo as “the baby of the studio.” In fact, as Ryan points out, “it certainly wasn’t our goal to make two more versions [of Halo.]” In another question he explains that the pressure to make more sequels was one of the key reasons why Bungie decided to seek its independence."

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SkyGamer4362d ago

They did create Gears. I'm pretty sure they created PGR series. Now Halo they bought.

Mr Fancy Pants4362d ago

gear's from epic
halo's from bungie
prgr's from Bizarre Creations

Microsoft = publisher

not the same as

zelda's from nintendo
GOW's from SCE Studios Santa Monica

Xi4362d ago

Halo is MS's IP, they owned bungie when they were producing halo, like sony owns SM.

What about all the rare titles that MS owns... because they own rare, same goes for their titles from.

These titles aren't just published. MS owns the IP's to gears and PGR, they can ask anyone they want to make them, instead they went to Epic and bizzare to make the game. That goes for any of the mech assault, mech warrior, crimson skies, titles they own too.

You're getting mixed up between titles like Mass Effect which is a title they published by ms, for bioware who owns the IP.

Ju4362d ago

The publisher usually buys the product incl. the IP from the developer. Well, most of the time. That way the developer usually gets a higher percentage. Some developer do not sell their IPs. Some publishers accept that. Gears was certainly Epics IP which MS has an exclusive publishing contract (I wouldn't even go that far, they owning it - maybe they do. But that's legal formal talk not much more). I would be very surprised, if they have an "IP invention department". That's not how things work.

solidt124362d ago

Microsoft makes no games. They buy games by publishing them.

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DA_SHREDDER4362d ago

Wow, you xbox fanboys are lost. I actually feel bad for you guys. A delusional bunch you are.

Mr Fancy Pants4362d ago

now i know why they support that console, they don't even know what they have in hands...

elitewh0re4362d ago

geeze don't generalize all of us shredda,

Xi4362d ago (Edited 4362d ago )

Microsoft went to gears and paid them to develop gears for the 360, this was being done during the creation of the 360. Epic and Microsoft collaborated on gears of war.

Deviant4362d ago

They went to gears to create gears .....anyways u are talking about third/second party exclusives i guess

La Chance4362d ago

bubble for yours posts.

Da shredder a sony fanboy...who are know for being calling 360 fanboys thats delusional.

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