Get comfy with that console--you may have it for another decade

Globe & Mail writes about Mike Capps' prediction (reported in Forbes)that next-generation consoles could be as far away as 2018. From the story:

"Theoretically, a longer cycle may result in consumer savings; the hundreds of dollars typically spent on hardware every five years can instead be pocketed or invested in software-which is, after all, what the pastime of video games is all about. I'm keen to learn whether Sony or Nintendo had the foresight to build their machines with the durability to last seven, eight, or nine years (we already know that Microsoft's early Xbox 360 units, with their notorious Red Rings of Death, weren't made to last). If avid gamers have to shell out for additional current generation boxes to replace broken ones, the only advantage to a longer console life cycle rests with hardware makers."

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Mr PS34315d ago (Edited 4315d ago )

For the PS3
Built to last
Future Proof
And yes i am very comfy with my PS3
Now the Xbox
Well thats a completely different story
Built to Explode
And for Damm sure not Future proof
How the hell can you get comfy with the Xbox
When it sounds like a jet engine
And the Damm contraption Burns your trailer down !!

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4315d ago

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Told you once I won't tell you again it's a bad way(Yep, it's RRoD again)

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PSWe604315d ago (Edited 4315d ago )

This decade timeline has always been Sony's plan. The 360 isn't built for 10 years and this is even more true for the Wii.

edit: Besides the PS3 isn't even close to reaching it's limit, and I'm not about to give up my console for a new one in 2 years. A long life cycle would only benefit gamers and developers.

games4fun4315d ago

confidently say i wont be buying a new console till 10 years i payed alot more than i usually do for the console and its games and i'll be damned if i pay all that money so quickly.

ps4 and xobx720 games cost: $70-$80??!?? if they do you bet i'm not going to be part of that till there is a giant greatest hits catalog then i'll buy a new console

meepmoopmeep4315d ago

yeah, i agree, i think the only platform this gen that's truly built for the long run is the PS3.

i would rather see longer life cycles than shorter ones.

Tomdc4315d ago

I can see sony releasing a new console in 2015, around 8 years after PS3. PS3 will still have its 10 year cycle but they will overlap by 2 years.

ravinash4315d ago

What is the standard lifespan of electronics these days?
about 8 to 10 years?
usually the parts like soldering, wires and board would have degraded over time and heat and then break down.
So it would be good to time the next gen console to come out around the time the old one breaks down. If it breaks down too soon, you can find your self needing to buy a second console of the same model before you get to upgrade.

Now look at todays models.
The Wii is a good little machine and not to over complicated. Plus has not had a reputation for breaking down.
Its big problem is power and how complicated the software can get.
Eventually people are going to run out of space for all those peripherals. so at some point your going to need to create better software to drive it. It would a stretch to get this model to last 4 years never mind 8.

360 has the power, but also has a reputation for breaking down.
It does not have the best quality parts so I would expect the people will have to buy a second replacement console before then Gen is out.

And of course Sony, they are a computer electronics company so know how to make a machine that lasts.
You can feel by the weight that its built well, and even runs quite.
Only time will tell if it last 8 to 10 year, but I think it has the best chance out of the 3.

Bubble Buddy4315d ago

If this comes true, Sony made a smart move.

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-EvoAnubis-4315d ago (Edited 4315d ago )

This console generation has a LONG way to go before we've pushed the systems to the limit (although I think the 360 is already really close). A longer time could only be a good thing. Besides . . . I really don't want to spend all that money for the upgrade anytime before 2014 or so anyway.

TheExecutive4315d ago

I dont know man, I really doubt the 360 is going to see a better looking game that gears2. I just highly highly doubt it. 2014 may be a little too far off for my liking. I could probably stand sony not coming out with a new console until 2012 but anything after that and its going to start looking pretty dated.

dktxx24315d ago

The 360 can do much better then Gears 2, but if the ps3 really does reach its potential anywhere in the near future, MS would have problems putting their games up against Sony's games. I think that Ms will place their next console when that starts to happen, but hopefully for them, they won't have to rush it.

motts4315d ago

I agree, the 360 is def. getting close to its peak graphically, but its not like that means it needs to go away. Until the ps3 starts churning out games that look like mgs4 or killzone2 consistently ms doesnt need to worry. If 3rd party devs start unlocking the ps3's potential however, then ms will prob start getting the ball moving on their next system. Right now the majority of games are the same on ps3 and xbox360 so ms has no need to change.

Sony clearly plans for the ps3 to be around for a while. its almost 2 years for the ps3, and only now to games seem to be coming out looking and playing how most expected. Before this fall i hardly bought games for my ps3, and aside from motorstorm and uncharted, no games seemed to really push the system. I would like at least 5 years with legit games being produced on the ps3. in my eyes, the ps3 'life' started when mgs4 was released and they announced this upcoming lineup of lbp, resistance2, killzone gowIII etc.

TheExecutive4315d ago

Well, we will have to see how the Wii "fad" goes. It may actually prove to be more profitable for ALL of the major console makers to hold off on a new console seeing how almost all of the profit is found at the $199 price point.

Yes, we have the Wii to thank for holding us hardcore gamers back. However, between both Sony and MS, Sony has the better chance of standing the test of time.

Last year I would have laughed at this article. However, looking at the price of consoles today it seems that neither MS or Sony is going to hit major price cuts for some time.

Of course this delaying hurts the hardcore gamer but thats about it. Unfortunately, as the Wii is proving, we are definitely in the minority.

Ureval4315d ago

My PS3 is louder then my Xbox.

SpecialSauce4315d ago

u know ur not suppose to drop it.

ps3fosho4315d ago

dont put the 360 next to the ps3 and u wont piss it off oh wait u dont have a ps3 u just think u do but really u dont so just go back to ur world where u think u have a ps3, and the 360 sounds louder with its crappy disk drive and fan that runs and does nothing to help cool down ur 360