Forgotten? Since When? - Nintendo is still catering for hardcore gamers

Chris Scullion from ONM writes:

"Earlier this morning we reported that Nintendo had just announced huge profits, taking in $1 billion in the first quarter of 2008. This led to some reader comments saying that maybe they could spend some of this money catering to the "forgotten hardcore" gamers.

I have to be honest, I'm getting a bit tired of this. I'm as hardcore a gamer as you'll find (I bought a Famicom and Famicom Disk System when I was in Japan just so I could play the Japanese version of Super Mario Bros 2 the way it was supposed to be played), and I can't really see where I'm being ignored."

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PS360WII4699d ago

Well he didn't put up a good fight but I did like this paragraph:

"The problem is that a large percentage of today's gamers have very selective and short memories. The media's focus on the likes of Wii Fit and Wii Sports have led people to come to the narrow-minded conclusion that this is the only sort of stuff Nintendo is interested in working on now, and the fact that only Wii Sports Resort and Wii Music were shown at E3 did nothing to help this belief."

That is so very true it's scary

dktxx24699d ago

I don't think that ds games should be included with the wii. Although fun, the wii is the main console for Nintendo fans, its the console you play at home mostly, and that's where they lack core games. And maybe, just maybe, Nintendo fans would like something new? A new spin on Mario or a different approach to Zelda. Nintendo's hardcore gamers have always been fine with small childish games, as long the big ones are there. But know I think that Mario and Zelda aren't holding core gamers attention long enough, simply because, its getting old.

Muddyalcapones4699d ago

he used pokemon dungeon or whatever in his arguments... and besides all the games he listed were 1st party... Nintendo needs to attract hardcore 3rd party games!

proArchy4699d ago

Its not exactly that Nintendo has forgotten about appealing to the hardcore gamer. Its more that they've forgotten how to appeal to them. The things Nintendo proclaims as 'hardcore' are rehashed last generation ideas with little to no innovation at all. They need to spend less time creating an updated version of their franchises and more time creating a NEW version of their franchises, or even better, a NEW franchise that is built from the ground up for the Wii's capabilities. Their biggest problem is that all their fresh and potentially hardcore ideas get homogenized by their desire to appeal to the masses. The hardcore/enthusiast audience will always be proportionally small, but it carries a ton of weight. They are the people that make names for games, and lay ground work for a franchise's fan-base. When they learn that the hardcore audience are the minority not the mass, they will have seen the light at the end of the casual tunnel.

CadDad4699d ago

I disagree with a few of your premises.

First of all, Wii Sports and Wii Fit are two new IP's that take advantage of the Wii's capabilities, and a "new" style zelda or mario would be nearly impossible to pull off successfully so why not cater to what works with those IP's.

Any game historian knows that Nintendo doesn't make too many mature games of the 1st party nature. Their franchises are rock solid and will most likely continue to be that way.

What people define as "hardcore" I define as "more mature" and I agree, Nintendo does need some new games for the Wii with more of a mature theme, but it will probably be up to 3rd party devs to do this because it's just not Nintendo's style.

Hardcore gets abused and mis-used a lot, hardcore should really define a person who plays a lot of games, regardless of the maturity content of those games, and using that definition, Nintendo is not behind the others at all, but if you define Hardcore as being games of a mature nature, well then historically Nintendo has never catered to the hardcore crowd, and I honestly wonder why people would expect them to now.


proArchy4699d ago

All I'm really saying that for each console release Nintendo has reshaped their franchises to utilize their new console's abilities. Take Mario for example.

NES - Super Mario Bros.
Realistically the first installment of the franchise. Quickly became the standard for platformers.
SNES - Super Mario World
Yes, it expanded on Mario's abilities, but more importantly it used the SNES' mode7 scaling to improve the game world.
N64 - Mario64
This is the biggest change as it was the first to use 3d and forever changed Mario's future.
Gamecube - Super Mario Sunshine
As there was no real difference between the Gamecube and N64 aside from power and storage capabilities the game reflects this.
Wii - Galaxy
The Wii is absolutely uniquefrom the Gamecube. Not only the motion sensing, but also it is the first Nintendo home console to have integrated online capabilities( no matter how rough they are). But Mario Galaxy, for all intents and purposes, could have been made on the Gamecube. There were essentially no innovations that used the Wii's unique control scheme. Oh yeah, almost forgot about co-star mode, whatever.

One problem is, that even though there is this fantastic motion sensing controller, few have been able to utilize it for any other purpose than replacing button mashing with flailing arms. Another is that Nintendo has failed to embrace online gaming, which is definitely an interest of the Hardcore gamer.
I consider Wii fit a peripheral, and not part of the Wii console itself, so I wouldn't expect a main Nintendo franchise to appear using it.

vhero4699d ago

none of them except metroid is hardcore period

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