PlayStation: From A to Z – The Letters “X,Y,Z, and #”

Ken McKown writes: The From A to Z series lets our editors go back and take a look at games from past generations that are classics, overlooked gems, or just titles they remember fondly. The idea behind this is to pick five games from each letter of the alphabet, once a week to showcase. This delivers 26 weeks and 130 games to talk about. Hopefully it sparks some conversation, and of course plenty of memories.

Our first series will focus on Sony’s first entry into the console business, the PlayStation.

Let’s continue with the letters “X,Y,Z, and #”.

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breakpad1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

describing "40 Winks" the author says "Every game on the PSOne wanted to beat Mario (spoiler, none of them ever did)"...i say spoiler: yes one or two games on PS1 managed to destroy Mario 64 even if they were developed before it ....Crash Bandicoot 1-2 were far far better than Mario 64 from any aspect, more fun, more difficult , better graphics (yes better graphics go compare them now to see for yrslf), better art style etcetc ...but ok there is the idiotic unscripted rule that whatever mediocrity or decent game Nintendo brings must be legendary and better than anything out there