LG Blu-ray box to get streaming video from Netflix

Netflix fans will soon have another new option for watching movies.

On Thursday, the company made famous by sending DVDs to consumers via snail mail announced, in conjunction with LG Electronics, the imminent availability of a Blu-ray disc player that will also allow Netflix subscribers to view streaming video of movies and TV shows.

The LG BD300 Network Blu-ray Disc Player one-ups the Netflix Player by Roku, a set-top box that hit the market a couple months back. While the Roku device garnered much attention for its streaming-video capabilities, that's about all it does--there is no DVD function.

With the LG box, due to come out this fall, Netflix subscribers will be able to make use of Blu-ray discs and standard DVDs and also to tap into an online repository of about 12,000 movies and TV episodes (a fraction of the overall inventory at Netflix). The service will be available to subscribers at no additional charge.

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jamilion3761d ago

This same option might be available to the PS3 via Firmware? That would be assome and a slap to the face for Microsoft!