PlanetXbox360's Soulcalibur IV - Rapid Fire Review

PlanetXbox360 is trying something new with their review format, a much shorter article consisting of only 500-750 words meant for the more general reader who does not have the time to read 2500 complicated words on every single game released. Check it out and see what you think; from the review itself:

Soulcalibur IV is the latest fighting game, fourth in the series, from Namco Bandai that hit the Xbox 360 earlier this week; it's also available on the Playstation 3. This much-anticipated fighting game is built around weapon-based combat, the staple of the Soulcalibur franchise. We have been huge fans of the series ever since it was released years ago on the Sega Dreamcast, featuring unique 3D fighting, a great story, and innovative weapons for each of the insanely creative character. All you need to know about the single-player story is that it involves powerful forces and magical swords. Using this as a baseline the developers created an entire solo experience for the gamer to play through, something very unique to games of the fighting genre.


I've been playing in for the past 20 minutes and it's a lot of fun, reminds me of "Ready 2 Rumble" on the dremcast....trying out the user creation w/ xbox live vision camera; will post that up should download it as it's a good time!

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