Next banned game "could be BioShock 2"

Scheurer, founder of the business consultancy Sarassin, said that the costs RockStar incurred in overturning the BBFC's ban on Manhunt 2 would have put an independent developer out of business, and further warned that due to the vague reasons given for the ban any game could be next.

During his talk, he explained the stated reasons behind the Manhunt 2 ban, including the level of realism, the lack of a puzzle element and the lack of humour.

"Call of Duty and BioShock could be banned under that criteria… The next game to be banned could be BioShock 2, and then where would we be?" he said.

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mindedone4395d ago

SeNot the submitter, but the author. I thought there was about to be some factual information on Bioshock being banned...

Egzekutor4395d ago

why dont they ban movies that are even worse than manhunt ??
fuking idiots..

GiantEnemyCrab4395d ago

Just as long as they don't edit the game to fit these ratings. Make an edited version for the BBFC asswads but leave the US version alone!