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GTA IV "A Threat to American Values"

Columnist Michael Medved over at expresses his views on Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV. Medved refers to the stunning success of GTA IV - a game that "glorifies guerilla warfare, murder, irresponsible driving, prostitution, cop-killing, international conspiracies and, of course, car theft highlights the real threat to the American Way of Life." He sums it up by saying: "it's not the war on the middle class; it's the war on middle class values."

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Last time I checked this has been said since GTA 3.
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Old news
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crimsonfox4434d ago

people are so stupid...


Lifendz4434d ago

then that speaks volumes about the state of "American values."

CViper4434d ago

I wish GTA4 had features like that. It might have been a fun game.

Swiftfox4434d ago

That man should look out the window sometimes and see that the world and it's society is more warped and twisted than any video game imaginable.

The problem's stated have been in exsistance LONG before video games. Give people the knowledge to protect themselve from irresponcabilty. Don't Shield us from it and hope it will all fix itself.

Bottom line: Video Games are NOT the problem.

gamerosity4434d ago

...GTA IV is a CELEBRATION of American Values, an immigrant from overseas comes to this country for his own slice of the American dream and thru hard work and sacrifice, achieves $500k from two missions, a sweet pad in Algonquin and a tight looking Infernus. What else is there? ;)

PwnShop4434d ago

I think i'll run him over with my car, after i jack one that is. Then i think i'll kill some hookers and cops.

gamerosity4434d ago

Dream big PwnShop, dream big. lol

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