Gamer 2.0: Facebreaker Hands-On Impressions

"Electronic Arts came out to New York yesterday to show off the software they have in the pipeline for this upcoming holiday season. Among them was the arcade fighter, Facebreaker (Xbox 360/PS3) and Facebreaker K.O. Party (Wii), and although it's meant to be an ode to the classic Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!, an equally viable comparison, that younger gamers will be able to relate to, is Ready 2 Rumble Boxing. The cartoon-inspired art-style, while familiar, is a welcome change after so many years of realistically styled boxing games, and doesn't take away from the experience at all.

After spending a bit of time playing against the games' designer, we came away extremely pleased. It was very reminiscent of our days playing Ready 2 Rumble, considering both were in 3D (Punch-Out! wasn't) and feature a Russian boxer who carries the spirit of the Soviet Union in his gloves. As expected, it's especially accessible on all platforms, with a practically instantaneous learning curve. So, getting wrapped up into a match can happen pretty fast."

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AnthonyPerez4325d ago

Yeah, my initial impression first seeing the videos of the game was that it looked like EA's Ready to Rumble just years later and from reading this preview it seems it's still that way. Which is cool since I really enjoyed Ready to Rumble, even if it was a little shallow.

Amadeo4325d ago

Actually, Ready 2 Rumble was Midway's game, not EA's. But Ready 2 Rumble was really fun nonetheless. I remember when my brother, father, and I would all go toe-to-toe with one another in the game. It was so much fun.

AnthonyPerez4325d ago

I'm well aware Ready 2 Rumble was made by Midway. I was saying this seemed like EA's version of Ready 2 Rumble

Amadeo4325d ago

Don't be turned off immediately by it though. It's a genuinely fun game if you're not looking for anything too serious. I have to admit, because it's so accessible and the characters, it's really easy to get into and become really competitive.

wolfehound224325d ago

I'm not really into boxing games period, but I did like ready 2 rumble so I may check this out. Will be definitely trying out the demo tonight.

AmpedMan4324d ago

Boxing games don't do it for me either. As an avid video game watcher at times, though, I really enjoy witnessing someone play Fight Night with grace. I think in that case, realistic graphics do me better. So personally this game loses on two fronts for me, although I can't really be a judge until I've seen it in action/played it myself!

CrashSpyro1234324d ago

Sounds interesting. I just downloaded the demo on Live, so I need to give that a shot.

N4g_null4324d ago

From what I've seen it plays more like street fighter 2.