"Phantasy" in Japan.

Japan PSP owners have definitely been lucky this year, they have "exclusive" titles like Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, Gundam Battle Universe, and Phantasy Star Portable. Japan PSP software and hardware sales have been leading the charts for weeks now. This week Phantasy Star Portable released and right now it's the top-selling Amazon Japan game. We should get early insight on how this will go up against Soul Calibur(currently ranked 10 on Amazon Japan game), and its direct competition, Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G.

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PhantomMD4315d ago

Man I hope this comes to the states it would make a great addition to the PSP.

vlazed4315d ago

Japan gets all the PSP games I want. I just hope they bring them to the US.

PPGN4315d ago

Well those three that I mentioned in the article I made on PPGN, are great examples of games that should be ported.

I think SEGA and Capcom will eventually, but its just the matter of when unfortunantly.

San anto4315d ago

arrgh i want mhf2g and phantasy star portable!!!

ThanatosDMC4315d ago

MHP >>>>>> Phantasy Star

Kutku pwns all.

San anto4315d ago

lmao kutku sure is a funny guy

PPGN4315d ago

Phantasy sar Portable looks amazing. It gets me when SCEA isn't supporting their PSP owners with quality games like SCEJ is doing. they support their PSP owners with Special Editions of some PSP games also.