Does The Ps4 Star Wars Edition Console Prove That Microsoft Makes Better limited Edition Consoles?

Poli Games talks about the limited edition Darth Vader PlayStation 4 and its mixed reactions. Poli Games also discusses whether or not Microsoft made better looking limited edition consoles. Is the force really strong with Sony?

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crazychris41242172d ago

Sony makes awesome bundles too. The problem is their very best bundles never come to North America. I dont know why you wouldnt want to release them in one of the biggest markets cuz they would fly off the shelves. I was searching everyday for news on the MGS 5 bundle coming to the states. Had money ready and was looking forward to setting it up and I knew when we didnt hear anything at Gamescom that it most likely wasnt coming. Now thats its official Ill just wait for the next bundle that isnt black, white, or silver.

The_Devil_Hunter2172d ago

Still at it with the MGSV bundle haha? Don't worry I am too it looks too good.

GribbleGrunger2172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )

Sony have had some great looking bundles and whilst some may not be to everyone's taste, to ask this sweeping question is a little disingenuous. People loved the Batman bundle AND they like the Destiny bundle; lots of people actually like this bundle too. I have to ask though: Is the preference in aesthetics an American thing because to my European eye I can't fathom why on earth this:

Looks better than this:

The 360 version looks tacky and garish. I think I'm beginning to realise why the US isn't at the forefront of fashion.

Kiwi662172d ago

And yet probably to your disgust people also liked the 360 star wars console

freshslicepizza2171d ago

you're right once again,


they sure do know about fashion.

that xbox 360 design is much better imo. it actually solidifies what star wars is about not just plastering darth vaders helmet as a skin and that controller is very ugly. the c3po controller is much cooler hate to tell you.

Magnes2171d ago

Maybe your european eye missed that Darth Vader himself is an American design.

XanderZane2171d ago

I actually liked the XBox 360 R2RD Star Wars Limited Edition. It actually made R2-DR sounds when you turned it off and on. It sold out pretty quickly. I ended up having to sell mine because I needed the money. I think the PS4 SW Limited Edition is ok, but the controller is just meh. The XBox 360 Gold controller is HOT. There were more gamers who wanted the controller then the actually SW LE XBox 360 hardware. Between the PS4 and the XBox 360 versions, the 360 wins this one mainly because of the sound effects, better design art and a better looking controller. I'm sure many fanboys will disagree. Oh well.

dcbronco2171d ago

The Vader controller is plain ugly. The console itself is nothing special. But the 360 console is too much. When it comes to fashion you should remember to never insult your biggest customers. We are by far. And you should also remember that some parts of Europe are known for fashion. Other parts are known to not know what it is.

raymantalk12171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

i disagree i think the 360 one looks horrible i like the ps4 one though.

ps if you dont like it dont buy it.

jb2272171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

I think all of the console manufacturers could step up their game when it comes to these kinds of limited edition consoles. I see so many artists design & produce interesting & cool custom consoles, can't they hire one of those guys to help them design these? Granted there is typically more production & manufacturing involved in changing the form factor of the console w/ these designs, but if they made them they could charge more and a great design would still fly off the shelves. A special edition console should be visually striking and worthy of display in an artistic & aesthetic sense, I personally can't be too bothered by some etchings and color swaps myself, and it's crazy to me that people would rebuy a console just to have them....but to each their own I suppose, people should support whatever they enjoy.

IamTylerDurden12171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

GribbleGrunger is right Sony makes sexy consoles, in less than 2 yrs they've produced these beauties -

These classy ff PS3's

Sony generally makes very tasteful looking products, classy expensive looking hardware. They made the Vader PS4 a bit more wild than usual, but i love it.

donthate2171d ago


I never noticed the background on the Star Wars PS4 had really gawdy and lazy design in the background of repeated "Star Wars" logo.

F*ck, I was going to buy this too. Now I have to reconsider.

I never noticed that until you showed me that picture. I noticed something was in the background, but didn't realize it was a cheezy logo.

KwietStorm_BLM2171d ago

Did you really just talk about a sweeping question being disingenuous, and then make that ridiculous general statement about America and fashion at the end?

TheCommentator2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

XanderXane, we all know what you meant but it's R2-D2, lol.

I think the console is really cool(as an Xbox fan I chuckled at the fact that Sony is using the Dark side of the Force), but I agree the controller is really ugly. The controller should have had red sticks and red/black buttons.

As for the asthetics compared to the 360 version SW bundle, the PS4 bundle is more subtle/sleek while the 360 version was more playful, but they're both really cool. I think a lot more effort went into the design of the 360 version with the C3P0 controller, the sounds, and the way R2's panels were modified to fit the consoles shape. Some may find all that a bit garish, but in contrast a white outline of Darth Vader seems a bit oversimplified to me. While MS sells you complete themed consoles, Sony generally sells you a regular system(perhaps in a unique color) with a simple picture on it. Neither one is wrong, it's just preference.

DLConspiracy2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

Your reasoning comes off a little offensive and possibly a little xenophobic.

American = Tacky
Europe = Fashion

Might be a good idea to not compare like that in the future.

OT: This particular bundle doesnt make me want to grab another PS4. The Darth Vader design doesn't blow me away. I feel like PS is sort of just slapping on a decal lately with a color. The controller is sort of a chaotic color combo too. That also has ZERO to do with the quality of the console btw, whether MS is putting in the extra or not is preference but I feel like PS could have done a bit better on this particular Star Wars console.

TrollityTroll2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

Some people didn't like the R2D2 version. For example:

So is the conclusion that Sony makes better limited edition consoles?
Or is it that different people like different things?

PERSONALLY, screw Star Wars (the "new trilogy" really dented my love for the franchise), I want a Battlestar Galactica console where the power bar is the cylons eye.

aceitman2171d ago

Hey modlybread he compared European fashion to the USA and u came back with asian fashion. Y just y . well it is a matter of taste but it is true that Sony doesn't bring its best bundles to the USA. But u don't want to throw to much into it. What's the problem anyway there is plenty of places to get ur ps4 and x1 done the way u like it with decales or sending them in to do hard covers made custom.

ShadowWolf7122171d ago

So does nobody realize that the control color scheme is modeled after Vader's chest computer?

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magiciandude2171d ago

The MGSV bundle and the Anniversary are the only good looking custom PS4s IMO. The rest look really cheap and boring. I really dig the CoD AW and Halo 5 Xbox Ones and have the Halo 5 one pre-ordered. The standard black PS4 looks far better than most of the limited editions, save for the MGSV and the Anniversary consoles.

Angeljuice2171d ago

Every single special edition Xbox One I've seen has looked terrible, some of the PS ones look good. I suppose that means Sony wins in my eyes.

warczar2171d ago

Couldn't disagree with you more, the r2d2 one just looks tacky. It just goes to show you it's about personal preference and getting Microsoft fans and Sony fans to agree on something is an impossibility.

pivotplease2171d ago

I think a plain system always looks better just because I don't like the idea of tying the system's aesthetics down to one game or franchise when its going to be used to play a variety of games. It helps that I find the PS4 to be the most aesthetically appealing system to date by far. I liked the N64, the PS2, and the 360 designs but they don't come close imo.

showtimefolks2171d ago

IMO Sony always goes for a simpler yet elegant look. I understand that some like how Xbox bundles have the console painted all over. but not everyone is into that sort of thing

does anyone really think that this star wars bundle won't sell just because of the design? it's the damn star wars man. also when are we gonna accept the fact that we are the vocal minority? most people will see the advertisement and see star wars and buy it

look at the mgs 5 bundle being released in japan and I I think Europe. it's so sexy looking without need bunch of logos and stuff. simple and same goes for original destiny and now taken king

batman bundle sold really well so this whole argument that ms makes better bundles goes out the window.

I just want to know why mgs 5 bundle isn't being released in the usa.

I also think we mqy see call of duty bundle but I am sure if Sony will do 2 different bundles in month of November

Sunny_D2171d ago

If I'm correct, I'm pretty sure the Star wars PS4 pre orders have already been sold out.

pivotplease2171d ago

That and the movie is almost here. The hype train will be in full swing. Hopefully the game lives up.

NukaCola2171d ago

You know what I miss? See through systems like Nintendo use to do. I know it's not Star Wars related, but I would love to see them bring back that. A clear VITA would of been pretty cool IMO.

pivotplease2171d ago

I second this. I would have liked a white or coloured Vita too. I've only seen black models here.

BLow2171d ago

I know right! Why does everything need to be a competition. Man, it seems that nobody is ever happy. If people lived their lives based on what's on the Internet we would be s**** out of luck. Is anyone ever satisfied with anything now days? Good thing the majority of people don't read or care about what comes up on this site.

Everyday there is somebody b!ching about something and the same people arguing over the same sh!t...I know I don't have to read it but its in the headline and I always read them to see if its something interesting to read...Oh well had to rant a little...

Mystogan2171d ago

The controller looks fine although I don't really like it simply because I'm not a star wars fan. But star wars fan probably love it.

But the console though. looks like they just slapped a sticker on it and called it a day.

Kojjikaneshiro2171d ago

I believe they're talking about limited edition "consoles" alone not bundles.Sony makes nice ones but XboX limited edtion consoles look better.

muzikjunkie802171d ago

personally i love the look of the halo 5, forza 6, call of duty AW limited edition consoles over this star wars ps4, the batman ps4 and the white ps4 look very nice tho

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Rimeskeem2172d ago

I'm pretty sure its based on preference

NeverHeavyMan2172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )

You know you have little to talk about when the preference of an LE machine becomes "news". Then again, it wouldn't be a modern article/videocast if it wasn't "baity", in some way. Come to think of it, I bet some of the same people who would give this article a thumbs up are the same ones who were bashing a different writer for not liking the Halo 5 Xbox. Keep watch!

In the real world, plenty of people won't like this system, while many others will (and then buy it). No different than anything else in this life, but you know..... Is the force with Sony? Well, lets ask them that after these things have flown off the shelves and bitch-slapped its biggest critics into 2016.

bryank752171d ago

I think the media is afraid they might lose all their Microsoft money if they left the industry... so they have been licking their balls a lot recently. Any little thing MS does, the media is like; "Awesome, nailed it, MS is kicking ass" and other nonsense. Truth is when MS have any competition they win NOTHING, they need a monopoly.

Persistantthug2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

I'm gonna give bubbles to all three of you.
bryank75, you're getting a bubble for that last sentence (Truth is when MS have any competition they win NOTHING, they need a monopoly. ) because it's true.

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StrayaKNT2172d ago

So far I think Microsoft has made the nicer consoles. Halo 5 being the best limited edition I have seen in years same with the forza 6. The Witcher console was also beautiful I would have purchased that in a heart beat if if was put on sale. Word going around is the star wars ps4 is one of the world looking limited edition consoles and I agree. It looks like a sticker stuck on the ps4 and the controller is just ugly imo.

TwoForce2172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )

I disagree the about the controller. It's look very nice. Destiny The Taken King PS4 Bundle looks so good.

StrayaKNT2172d ago

I think the destiny console looks generic as hell. The mgs and batman bundles are the best ps4 bundles imo. It's actually embarrassing buying a destiny bundle lol

2171d ago
OB1Biker2172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )

I'm in love with this controller. Not surprised your here trolling though

poor_cus_of_games2171d ago

Could be worse. You could buy that horribly disgusting looking rare replay xbox. Or that cheap looking cod one.

jb2272171d ago

"I think the destiny console looks generic as hell"

Have you actually seen one? There is nothing about it branded as Destiny, it's just a white console. People flipped over the internal white XBO to the extent that they released it as the SSOD bundle console. Not sure how a solid color swap could look "generic" unless you are complaining about the original ps4 form factor looking generic as well, in which case I'd say the industry would disagree with you. What am I even saying though, going by your history Sony has never done anything that you haven't bashed in some way, and MS has never done anything you haven't praised.

Persistantthug2171d ago


The XBOX ONE console is still ugly by default.

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itsjustexuma2172d ago

The MGS5 limited edition PS4 proves the writer is wrong

XanderZane2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

He's not wrong. It just proves he has an opinion that's different and the same as others. For me both companies make great and bad Limited Edition bundles. There are a lot of gamers who LIKE and HATE this bundle. It's really a mixed review. The Darth Vader sticker on the PS4 is ok, but definitely not great and the controller leaves much to be desired. It's just meh. Want to see what a real SW Limited Edition bundles should look like?

Now this, I would BUY. Damn that controller needs to be in my hands. Sony needs to hire this guy for their next bundle. And no, I don't believe Microsoft makes the better Limited Edition bundles. Both companies are able to make excellent bundles. So this article greater is wrong in that sense.

muzikjunkie802171d ago


whats really sad about that awesome looking star wars ps4 in that image you posted is its fan made....really sad that a fan can make a better looking limited edition console than sony and ea. i would buy that for sure if it was on sale as the star wars bundle. whoever made that deserves a prize.