Harmonix’s Nick Chester Answers Our Questions About ‘Rock Band 4’

In less than two months, the Rock Band franchise is returning for a reunion tour of sorts with Rock Band 4.

After developing the original Guitar Hero back in 2005, Harmonix went on to develop Rock Band, a music game that incorporated singing and drumming along with the guitar gameplay they revolutionized for Guitar Hero. After branching out to dancing games with the Dance Central series for Kinect, Harmonix has decided that the time is right to get the band back together.

Recently, we had the chance to talk with Nick Chester, PR & Communications Lead for Harmonix on what we could expect from Rock Band 4 when it releases in October. While some of it is still under wraps, he opens up about new gameplay inclusions for the game and clarifies on which previously bought songs gamers will be able to transfer over.

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