Nintendo could officially dethrone Sony by the end of the year

Times Online:

"Sony, the Japanese electronics and entertainment titan, may be poised to lose its 13-year title as the world's biggest games console maker despite a surprise jump in profits at its Playstation division. "

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Jamie Foxx4326d ago

do i see the wii as a agames machine?
i see it as a device that has captured the spirit of casual gaming

but to claim nintendo will dethrone sony is jumping the gun considering the ps3 is not even two years old in europe.

Genesis54326d ago (Edited 4326d ago )

But sony will still remain the console maker with the most consoles in peoples homes. PS2 and the PS3. But for profit wise right now, hats off to the Wii and DS.

gaffyh4326d ago

What goes up must come down. That applies to Sony, MS and Nintendo.

SoIid Snake4326d ago

Once Digital Transition hits, the PS3's price drops, and more games are released, everyone will be wanting a PS3.

Everyone will experience High Definition and will not want to go back to Standard 480 resolutions and be poised to buy a PLAYSTATION®3 for Blu-ray playback.

Also, once the spread of genres in the PS3's library is extended, everyone will enjoy the games, including RPG, Shooters, Puzzles, Action, Adventure.

But right now, the Wii is only selling well because of price, but does anyone really buy games? Nope, everyone likes them for Wii Sports and Wii Play, and then after that, it's untouched until friends come over.

Sitdown4326d ago

Could you please enlighten us on why you do not think the Wii is a game machine........was the Atari a game machine? What do you think of games like Time Crisis and Virtua Cop that are played on "game machines"?

vdesai4326d ago

To be gaming king you need to make a game system. Once DVD is gone even families will realize that game system + blu ray = awsome deal. Who the hell gives the award and when is it on TV? Maybe ill watch this time >.> if there is no throne you cant dethrone anyone. Who the hell keeps approving stories like this anyhow there was story like this yesterday but it was playing the numbers game there is no need for duplicate stories.

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BulletToothtony4326d ago

not only in sales but in games... we all know the difference in games between the wii and ps2..

the ps2 has an overwhelming library or great games while the wii has like 5.... everything else is garbage...

i'll be the first one to admit when the wii sells as much as the ps2 and it has games that i truly want to play... as of now.. the wii is has nothing... to even claim to be king.

Says you4326d ago

All the PlayStation brand to dethrone Sony so this article fails it cant just take on the PS3 it would have to take on the whole PlayStation family!!.

PPGN4326d ago

Well i must admit as a PSP owner, Nintendo has taken over Sony's Handheld market.

Jamie Foxx4326d ago

conquered the handheld market that has always been nintendos bread and butter and always nintendos to lose which since the original gameboy the havnt yet

sony have done well to get their foot in the hanheld market,but your comment really doesnt make any sense

cp684326d ago (Edited 4326d ago )

Don't forget about that new motion-controller Sony is working on....we all know they've already planned to counter the Wii's crowd. Sony will start focusing more on those "stupid fun" games, just like the wii knows how to do it, but of course in 720p / 1080p.

But Sony's got to move its arse pretty fast, because gosh they're slow! (releasing a bloody clock a year and a half after the console was released is...well...SODDING SLOW!)

PPGN4326d ago

I think its not possible at all. Wii apeals to casual gaming and the PS3 appeals to Hardcore gaming. 2 different marketting approaches. If anything (if not yet also) the Xbox 360 will dethrone Sony, which it already appears they are doing so.

Jamie Foxx4326d ago (Edited 4326d ago )

by being outsold this year, and selling less on a yearly basis which is actually a proven fact?

why bring 360 into a thread which didnt require it?

your comment really doesnt make any sense

juuken4326d ago

With stealing 3rd party games and not developing brand new IPs?

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