GT TV offering cheap Top Gear tomorrow

New download service launch worldwide tomorrow with cheap epsidoes of Top Gear and other programmes to download.

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Vip3r4320d ago

Or you could watch then for free on youtube.

andron4320d ago

So car nuts will probably be interested...

Ben10544320d ago

it would cost a lot, probably 1euro per episode?

PirateThom4320d ago

In the UK:

- You pay a licence fee
- Yoy can watch Top Gear for free for 7 days on iPlayer
- There's about 3 Freeview channels showing repeats

In the UK, even in HD, why pay for them?

OgTheClever4320d ago

Yeah, they just showed both the caravan and africa episodes again.

Ahhh... memories.

Bell Boy4320d ago

As a brit leaving in US i would actually like top gear to be available on the video store.

Best show on tv and although it airs on bbc america the episodes are so damn old

CViper4320d ago

You can youtube any of the top gear episodes from your PS3 as well. Or dl rips from Usenet..

But some people, who would like to support the show, or just buy the episodes because its less footwork that you have to do to get it on your ps3, will probably buy these. I've downloaded some movies from the PSn store that I frankly didn't feel like tracking down on usenet, so mabye thats what they are after? Its nice to watch things on your TV every now and then if you don't have your PC hooked up to it.