Top 5 Ways Nintendo Can Win Back Core Gamers

Are you tired of the mini game fest Nintendo is giving us? Scared to criticize Nintendo because they may push harder to the left of gaming instead of going right. Well don't be alarmed you are amongst many of core gamers who feel the exact same way you do.

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CadDad4328d ago

These "core" gamers the article speaks about are getting older and wanting more mature games, something Nintendo has never done much of.

A better request would be to developers of more mature games to get out and make these games for the Wii as well as the 360 and PS3. More games like RE4 would be nice.


pcz4328d ago

This 'nintendo ruined the industry with casual gaming' nonsense has to stop now. Actually, carry on, but i'll be busy playing good games whilst you moan about the rubbish ones.

Wii60Fan4327d ago

if you dont like casual mini games dont buy them. plain and simple.

Product4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

So change the controller(where its more traditional?),redesign the console(why?).Lose the wii campaign.Start getting Bioshock or FF franshices over to wii.Give more variety on virtual console(which nintendo has the best old school games library)with games like texas hold'em?(does this guy know what wiiware is?,which has a texas hold 'em game)

how bout we add hd graphics,and turn it into a ps3 or xbox.

meepmoopmeep4328d ago

if you don't like the Wii and what it does, don't buy it. stop b*chin'

pcz4328d ago

accept the wii for what it is and what it does. if you don't like it, then don't buy it.


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The story is too old to be commented.