New Until Dawn trailer highlights the butterfly effect in action

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We’re back again with another Until Dawn trailer for you! Once again the focus is on the Butterfly Effect and how your choices will directly influence the events in the game.

There are literally thousands of paths that you can take through Until Dawn, with some branches of the narrative more complex than others. We’re estimating that, for most players, people will see less than half of the content included on the disc the first time that they play it. What’s more, we’re pretty confident that everyone’s experience of it will be slightly different.

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ArchangelMike1160d ago

Aww man I can't wait for this game. Going to be playing it with the Mrs. See if she can sit through it :)

Kurisu1160d ago

Pre-ordering this game when I go in to town in a couple days. I've got the day off work the day it comes out (not planned, just a lucky rota xD).

Skankinruby1160d ago

Lol i was thinking the same thing. My old lady tried sitting through the last of us and she couldn't even handle that lol

Erik73571160d ago

I really hope this game is good and actually has good gameplay.

gangsta_red1160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

Not diggin the gameplay style, but still willing to give it a run through just because of my love for horror movies. Especially those from the 80's.

These types of games are the reasons why I love Gamefly!

PaleMoonDeath1160d ago

Played Heavy Rain? I think of it as a movie itself, only difference is every time I replay it with someone I get something new at the end, quite excited for this one!

gangsta_red1160d ago

I played Heavy Rain and that is the main reason I'm not digging this style. I was hoping for more of the Silent Hill (1-3) type of gameplay.

But I do like horror movies which is why I am definitely going to give this game a shot.

NeverHeavyMan1160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

Indeed, and this type of style is EXACTLY why Heavy Rain worked!

TwoForce1160d ago

Wow, dude. You need some juice, man.

NeverHeavyMan1160d ago

Indeed! And it will come out at midnight next week, where I live, because of Madden!

PaleMoonDeath1160d ago

I'm quite shocked at how under the radar this has become, could end up a sleeper hit!

PaleMoonDeath1160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

Sat through a playthrough of Heavy Rain with a friend earlier last week in preparation for this, you forget just how good the immersion gets after a while, totally revamped my interest in this.

First this, then MGS5.. That's £100 well spent.

TeamLeaptrade1160d ago

I am really excited for this one. I just hope the decisions are as important as they say. Can't wait to play it though.

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