Is Windows Vista Really That Bad?

As the release of Windows Vista approached, the reports about how neat it was quickly turned to reports about how messed up it was, or still is: dropped features, poor performance, compatibility problems, crashes, you name it. Most of that was overblown.

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Snoozer2824324d ago

I don't crash, have compatibility problems, no drop in performance and love its driver support. DirectX 10 on top of that means I've never been happier.

Tempist4324d ago

Given that, there's still a lot of inconveniences that are wrought throughout the OS.

It's like the early days of XP, needing a lot of tweaking.

Snoozer2824324d ago

One thing I did was turn off UAC. That must be said.

I am running it with 4gig ram, but at 30quid for 2 gig it's silly not to.

gaffyh4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

I think Vista is quite good, but you have to get used to it. Only thing I don't like is that MS went for looks over speed. The best thing is that windows update is integrated, and the aeroglass looks great if you have a good enough PC.

I did used to crash, but I found out that it was a Motherboard setting casuing the bsods. I've got 4gb ram in mine as well, and definitely you need to switch UAC off.

JsonHenry4324d ago

I have been using WinVista Ultimate x64 edition for months now and have had no problems with anything at all.

Snoozer2824324d ago

How can people disagree with my statement. It's a fact lol.

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AceLuby4324d ago

Took a little while to get it up (the boot disc that is), but once I got it to install it took about an hour and automatically found my laptop's wireless card, ethernet, graphics, disc drive... and I didn't have to specify anything, it just worked.

I set up all my roommates w/ logins and now I don't worry about crashes, viruses, or really anything for that matter.

Altis14324d ago

Xp sucked when it came out as well. Its called growing pains. Vista is not that bad, you just need a beast of a machine to run it properly, just like when xp first came out.

elitewh0re4324d ago

heh yeah, back when xp came out I vowed never to give up '98, now its the same for xp and vista.. :)

juuken4324d ago

I'm sorry, but XP is probably the best thing Microsoft came up with. I won't touch Vista until the problem is fixed entirely. Certain programs won't work with Vista, error messages pop up for no reason at all...that's just annoying.

Caxtus7504324d ago

Name the programs that do not work which you want...

Almost everything works on Vista even if it is not "officially" supported.

juuken4324d ago

My uncle has Vista on his computer and laptop. He has told me on several occasions that certain programs don't work with Vista at all. I don't know all of the programs that he uses but I could ask him.

foodbox4324d ago


" I won't touch Vista until the problem is fixed entirely"

What **EXACTLY** are you saying is Vista's "problem"? The Mojave Experiement has clearly shown that most of Vista's problems are FUD.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

The days of anti-Vista FUD are long gone, and your BS is *t*i*r*e*d*.

Give it up.

ravinash4324d ago

I think the big problem for vista is any machine you build to run Vista on so it can just run. If you put XP on it, then it'll just fly.
With all the problem to be sorted out, its just not worth it.

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juuken4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )


That's why I still have Windows XP.

And for the people who disagree, I can speak through my own experience with Vista. I used my uncle's laptop some time ago and the minute I turned it on, an error message popped up. Vista has too many error issues. You may say 'oh, well mine works fine', but that's you. As for me, I'll stick with Windows XP Media Edition until Microsoft fixes the problems.

narked4324d ago

may i ask what problems you had? and what spec is the laptop ?

Fox014324d ago

I thought you hated Microsoft and only used Macs?

yes I read your bio some days ago, before you changed it.

juuken4324d ago

I hate Microsoft but I don't have *that* kind of money to invest in a Mac yet. I will eventually in the future.

I can't exactly remember the specs and I sure as hell can't remember the error message I had since it was probably two weeks ago I used it but it popped up immediately when I started up the laptop.

Seriously, Vista is not worth it unless you want a major headache.

foodbox4324d ago


"unless you want a major headache"

Take your trolling to the open zone. You're talking out of your anus.

juuken4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

Yes, I'm talking out of my anus.

How about *you* head on over to the open zone?

My uncle has problems with Vista and he has told me about it before. I said that I don't want Vista until I'm sure they fixed the problem entirely.

It's sad to see that people like you would defend Microsoft no matter *what* they do. I said that Vista is a problem based on my experience and my uncle's experience with it. I would have no reason to lie about the issues surrounding Vista that needs to be addressed.

Please, settle down and give it a rest.

"What **EXACTLY** are you saying is Vista's "problem"? The Mojave Experiement has clearly shown that most of Vista's problems are FUD.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

The days of anti-Vista FUD are long gone, and your BS is *t*i*r*e*d*.

Give it up."

And I don't know what F.U.D you're referring to. Once again, I would have no reason to lie about my experiences with Vista and neither would my uncle.

You can't even spell "Experiment" right for that matter. Please refer to me what this Mojave Experiment is. I would like to hear about it and understand it a little more.

Stop making it sound as if Microsoft is such a perfect company and they can never go wrong. I don't act that way with Sony so I don't see why you're acting that way with Microsoft.

narked4324d ago

my experience with vista on a laptop sucked. reason being processor wasnt strong enough, its not cause it wasnt dual core, but the mhz just werent enough for vista.

you might say ok why didnt u get xp? well i had xp but i bought the new os cause when buyin a new OS i said hey i wont buy the old model, ill get the new one cause they will increase its support.

when i installed vista on my home pc, it was immediatly smooth as butter, and with service pack one it just got better. I got a quad core here with 4gb ddr2.

i think it boils down to the system you have got mate.

compare it with two car engines. 200bhp, 600bhp

vista is the 600bhp, you wouldnt fit it in a body of a mini cooper.

thats basically my point. i wouldnt say vista is much better than xp, but it does have some improvements ye.

that said, if u want performance just get linux. nuff said

karlostomy4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

You really are being quite silly.

First of all, yes, VISTA had problems when it first launched.


Your "Uncle" had problems with VISTA so you decide for all of us that VISTA sucks forevermore?
Lol. What about the tens of millions of VISTA users that (quietly) agree that VISTA is actually... err.. quite good and getting better all the time?

Maybe your "uncle" has problems with a virus, spyware, adware etc?
Is that the fault of the operating system or the fault of the ignorant user?
Did your "Uncle" install software which was not certified for VISTA?
Perhaps your uncle is technologically challenged?
It seems he is one of the vocal minority that has no problems LOUDLY complaining... does that run in your family?

Why doesn't your "uncle" get a mac if it's so bad?
No one is forcing him to use a PC/vista. He could exercise his rights as a consumer and not buy MS products.
Would anyone care? nu-uh!

At least we'd be spared the constant and relentless whinging from you (and, by proxy, your uncle) about what has inevitably become the world standard OS and which is improved on a daily basis (just like the initially horrible XP was).


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Kyur4ThePain4324d ago

Vista is in a public beta phase.

foodbox4324d ago

Whatever. Nice troll.

Perhaps you should try using it. Take your garbage to the open zone.