New Trailer For GRIP (Rollcage spiritual successor), planned for PC / PS4 - Kickstarter

Chris Mallinson, game director of GRIP: "One fifth of the way there with over 3000 backers! This is no small milestone, so thanks to everyone who's supported the kickstarter so far.

We still going to need a lot more exposure though, and this new cinematic gameplay trailer will help! It's got slow-motion destruction, jumps, colliding cars and a big finale, so check it out! "

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Stinkinmushroom1865d ago

This looks so good, I hope they get funded!

aCasualGamer1865d ago

I've been waiting for a Rumble Racing since PS2 days....

Unreal2K71865d ago

Damn that part with the bridge falling!!! I want this game so bad...

Stinkinmushroom1865d ago

me too, I need a game with DnB back in my life

Venox20081864d ago

talking about game with DnB.. try Cosmophony

scark921865d ago

What a gem. I like it alot!

crazychris41241865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

Happy to see more and more games adding destruction into their games. This game looks awesome. Only 22 days left and its 20% funded. I donated $42.

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The story is too old to be commented.