New Ingame Videos of Motorstorm Pacific Rift

SCEE have released some new ingame videos of Motorstorm: Pacific Rift, Check it Out.

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Fishy Fingers4319d ago

Looks fantastic, really intense. Wanting to see some new maps now though.

HowarthsNJ4319d ago

Guess you have to watch where you cool your engines too.

Fishy Fingers4319d ago

The water can be useful though, it "cools" your boost gauge down quickly.

LiquifiedArt4319d ago

Looks really great. I just got rid of Motorstorm in-order to make room for this 4-player split screen revision. LOved Motorstorm, but it was definetly incomplete. This looks the way the first should of been. I'm guessing Motorstorm 3 will have customized vehicles. Still this is pretty much a modern day Off-Road. And with 4 player split it'll be awesome. I hope you can go online in split screen mode, atleast in Unranked matches.

Giant_Enemy_Sackboy4319d ago

graphic wise is the best off-raod game i have ever seen and the best of all is that it look fun as hell ,and is just a beta build so wow just wow

P.S. LBP is now featuring explosive ,now u can make weapon for those little sackboy just awsome

Meus Renaissance4319d ago

I'm really upset at the lack of horizontal splitscreen, how is anyone meant to race with a narrow view

redmamoth4319d ago

... Vertical split is just fine on widescreen.

CViper4319d ago

to deliver split 1-4 players. maybe mention it on the psblog, if enough people btch. I'm sure they will add it.

FantasyStar4319d ago

I hope we get options for it. While my 32" is kinda spacious, playing with another friend like that is going to cause problems.

juuken4319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )

That game looks so damn good.
But lol @ the person driving. xD

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The story is too old to be commented.