New Playstation HOME screens

Eurogamer released new Playstation HOME screenshots

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Solid_Snake6663822d ago

but i want the real thing or at least a beta

Lifendz3822d ago

but that's sorta waned off. Trophies will soon be wide-spread, custom soundtracks is here, in-game xmb, etc...I think I got the major things I wanted (still want to use a custom icon for my PSN avatar).

Don't get me wrong; when the Home beta is released I'll be amongst the first to download it. Until then, I'll sit back and watch like the rest of you.

BTW, the screens do look very good.

shazam3822d ago

some of those screens looked almost as good as uncharted.

spandexxking3822d ago

is it just me or does home look a bit like uncharted?

Prismo_Fillusion3822d ago

You mean awesome?

Yes, it looks awesome.

spandexxking3822d ago

lol yeah it does look awesome:) but i was refering to the lighting looks a bit uncharted to me. not that its a bad thing!

kingme713822d ago

Looks pretty cool. You can wander around forever and check things out.

Relcom3822d ago

I just want it. Hook that up Sony

chrisnick3822d ago

that this is just another day of home news will end soon.....and i still won't be in the beta.....

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The story is too old to be commented.