Five must-have Nintendo DS games that you may have missed...

Amongst the thousands of below average DS games out there are many great games hiding under the shadow of Mario and Zelda.

HEXUS.gaming has chosen five DS games that you may have missed out on that are still worthy of a purchase.

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PS360WII4328d ago

Whoo-hoo when I read the title I was thinking Contact and yes indeed it was the first game mentioned ^^ decent list. The DS is great it's the rebirth of the SNES with the dev/game support of the PS2. Best of both worlds right there

Wildarmsjecht4328d ago

Contact huh, is it really good? I borrowed Drawn to life just for kicks and it's...Okayish, not bad, but definately easy. Saturday i'll be doing a mega shopping spree with the castlevanias, zeldas, world ends with you, professor layton, ninja gaiden and such. is contact worth it?

PS360WII4328d ago

Yeah I had fun with it. It's an action RPG and you have different wears for different abilities. You can cook your own items to use on the field and the story is fun enough. The two screens are used well as the bottom is your guy and the top is the professor helping you on the way. Regular graphics on the bottom and snes type on top screen. If you can find it you should pick it up imo.

n00bzRtehgey4328d ago

Still busy with Korg DS 10.

Highly recommended. Best synthesizer on the face of the WORLD.

NathanGra4328d ago

When I saw the top screen I was like "Oh! Earthbound wannabe? I'll take it!"

Man, where can I find this thing? It looks sweet to me. Good concept, good old plain, rpg fun.